10 Ways To Live Orgasmically Aligned

10 Ways To Live Orgasmically Aligned

Did you know that having an orgasm has more to do with how the woman shows up than what their partner is physically doing to them? Don’t get me wrong; it’s crucial to be physically satisfied with the way your partner is pleasing you. However, it’s more important to prepare your body to enjoy the sensations of pleasure energetically. Women have often endured sexual trauma, emotional pain, misleading information, belittling, abuse, misuse, feminine power suppression, and energetically draining situations. All of which impact her ability to relax, feel safe, respected, nurtured, and surrender into orgasmic bliss during intimacy. 

Here are ten ways to determine if you are orgasmically aligned and how to work on becoming a vibrational match to the orgasm. 

She can quiet her mind during intimacy.

When a woman has practiced overcoming limiting thoughts, she has found the beauty and peace of being with her soul instead of her Ego. She practices being mindful and present throughout her day, making sure to always be in the NOW. Not thinking about something from the past and not stressing over anything in the future, simply experiencing the beauty of where her body is and what her body is experiencing at that moment. When it is time to be intimate, she is not worried about anything. She is focused on the sensations she feels. She is curious and fully listens to the conversation of her partner, and she is grateful for the beauty she is witnessing. 

Check out a previous blog post on tips on becoming more mindful during intimate moments.


She has a morning self-care routine.

Waking up and setting your day's intentions is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. Finding a routine that brings you joy, peace, and empowerment starts a good day. When you wake up, you are getting a fresh start. Don’t allow yourself to jump back into the pain, chaos, or worries from days before. Wake up with a clean slate. Don’t allow the unpredictability of what pops up on social media to be the start of your day. Instead, try one or all of the following:

  • Meditate 
    • The trick to meditating is to have ZERO expectations. If it’s too difficult to silence your mind, try focusing on a subtle noise in your environment. It can be the AC, outside noises, or simply your breath. Or you can visualize a calming environment and focus on every detail as if you were there. If thoughts come up, allow them because if you don’t, they will keep appearing against your will. Dissect why the thoughts keep coming up and the root of what is trying to be shown to you. Once you’ve done that, get back to your breath or visualization. Meditating helps calm your mind, relax your body and allow space for inspiration and creativity to arise. 
  • Read 
    • Anything that captivates your attention or helps you grow into a better person. Try to get a physical book to avoid using electronic devices.
  • Journal
    • It would be helpful to journal about things you’re grateful for every morning. You can also write about how you intend for the day, what you want to experience, and who you want to see. Or grab our Self-Love Reflection Journal to answer questions to help you dive deeper into self-love and self-pleasure.
  • Exercise
  • Stretch
    • It’s so valuable to release trapped energy in the body. Every human endures a high level of stress that builds up in the body. Massages, stretching, yoga, tai chi, sex, and running are great ways to release some of that pent-up energy. Your body also will benefit from flexibility. Find a video on YouTube, start there, and then free flow with however you want to move your body. 
  • Sunbathe
  • Tarot or Oracle
  • Spiritual bath


Her throat chakra is open, and she confidently speaks her truths

Often, women tend to choose external peace instead of internal peace. We close our mouths to avoid confrontation or upsetting our partner. We brush things under the rug or avoid conversations to keep the good energy flowing. Doing this disobeys our feminine power. When you choose external peace, you are silencing your truths and allowing that resentment to eat away at your physical, emotional, and mental health. This blocks the flow of our Divine Feminine and ultimately blocks our ability to be orgasmic. 

Open your throat chakra by getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Have the hard conversations even though they can be scary. Once you have those conversations, a weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you feel light and free. Trust in your feelings, and trust in your safety. You are divinely protected, and any outcome is perfect. Always speak your truths even if it makes others uncomfortable. 

She takes natural herbs that benefit her body.

The Great Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need to naturally heal ourselves from within. When you bless your body with the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, you have the necessary vitality to become orgasmic. Sometimes our way of living, thoughts, and eating habits block the natural flow of our life force energy. Getting back in harmony with Mother Nature gets us back in alignment. That’s why SheOrgasms herbal supplements are more than a sex-enhancing pill; it’s a powerful multi-vitamin to get your body in the flow of its feminine power.

If your level of wetness is adequate and consistent

Water is essential for your energy, skin, vaginal health, mind, and physical health. When you are consistent with drinking water, you are helping your body process, metabolize and function properly. So then, when you’re ready for intimacy, your body will be able to produce the arousal fluids necessary to enjoy penetration. Drink water, hot tea, or natural fruit juice. Cut out the soda and sugary drinks. Your body will thank you. When she is consistent with your water intake, she creates a strong foundation for health and sex life. 

She loves her body and is confident in her skin.

Society has made it merely impossible to love the body you were given. We constantly see models, singers, actresses, socialites, and influencers replicate a superficial image that sadly determines how the whole world thinks they are to look to gain that same popular, wealthy status. This puts unrealistic pressure on women to look and be a certain way to be accepted. If there were nothing and no one to compare ourselves to, we wouldn’t feel the pressure to be something other than our divine, beautiful selves. We would love every inch of our body and find the beauty in our looks. When she is confident in her skin and genuinely loves her body, she is more relaxed and comfortable during intimacy. Self-conscious thoughts don’t arise during intimacy, blocking her from orgasmic bliss. 

She works daily to be a happier, healthier, healed version of herself.

When a woman understands that she controls her happiness, a shift occurs in her life. She’s determined to be the best version of herself. Reading can be super beneficial in this process. You can learn a lot about yourself by reading other people’s stories and reading self-help books. When she is working daily to be a better, healthier, healed version of herself, she is carrying around orgasmic energy. It builds throughout the day, and when it’s time for loving, the levels she’ll go to will be mind-blowing. 

She uses her mind to create, imagine, discover, and dive deeper into her self-realization.  

When the mind constantly worries about the past, doubles the future, or complains about the present, you leave no space to create, imagine, and discover. Creation is one of the most profound spiritual powers we harness, and it’s all thanks to the mind. When we go through life experiences, including moments of intimacy with negative thoughts, critiques, limiting beliefs, and opinions, we miss out on the beauty of what’s happening in The Now. When she is present and mindfully in The Now, she allows the creative juices to flow, activating her sacral chakra. Your sacral chakra is the place of creation, emotions, and sexuality. When you are creative, you’re orgasmic. When you use your mind to evolve, grow, create, heal, or imagine, you unlock the orgasmic energies of your Divine Femininity. 

She has experienced cumming, squirting, and female ejaculation before. 

Being orgasmically aligned also includes your ability to release and let your nectar flow. When all else is aligned (mental focus, open heart, relaxed body, vibrant chakras, and hydration), you can squirt, gush, and release nectar so sweet and so pure that he craves you deeply. 

She can find beauty in anything and anyone. 

When she can maintain her Divinity and not allow worldly events and experiences to shift her energy, she has harnessed her feminine power. Finding beauty in all things helps keep you in orgasmic energy. As the saying goes, when life hands you sour lemons, do you make lemonade or complain about the bitterness? Do you play the victim, or do you find the victory? Do you crumble and complain or do you find the beauty and learn? A glorious life of miracles can only be found by changing your perspective. You have the ability to choose the perspective you wish to take on any situation or outcome. When you find the beauty, you make it possible for transformative insight to pop into your thoughts to make it through whatever unfavorable situation you are going through. 

Are you living orgasmically? Let us know in the comments! 


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    this is so spot on! Thank you for curating these together! Allows me to realize I am on the right track!

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    Major Key 🔑:“When a woman understands that she controls her happiness, a shift occurs in her life“

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