Female Ejaculation For Dummies - *Contains Graphic Content*

Female Ejaculation For Dummies - *Contains Graphic Content*

It's time to clear things up once and for all! There's this crazy myth going around saying that female ejaculation isn't real.

Well I'm here to clear that up. I have worked hard to simplify this information to best of my 1/3 profile ability. In Human Design 1/3 is known as the seeker of knoweldge and the experimenter! So trust me when I say, This is golden information gathered over 2 decades of experience, and 6 years of deep research!

I'm here to break it down for you in a way you will not find anywhere else. This information has been gathered from various medical texts and pieced together by understanding the function, mechanisms, and expressions of glands, hormones, urine, blood, plasma, the brain, the spine, energy, and so much more.

Not to mention, a lot of it was channeled and received in downloads, which still has me shocked and amazed at what was received. I am no doctor, I am no scientist, I am a brown Goddess dedicated to the fullest expression of my feminine power and my orgasmic potential. 

Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, please empty anything you thought you knew before about squirting and female ejaculation, and flow with the words you read with curiosity. Feel how it resonates within your being; if it does, share it with a friend or repost on your social media. If it doesn't continue to believe the perspective that feels the most true to you.

There are three forms of female ejaculation: Leaking, Squirting and Gushing. What you see below is more than likely squirt. It shoots out like spit, a squirt, or similar to a toy water gun.

Squirting is the first level of female ejaculation, expelled completely from your urethra by means of the ducts connected to the Skene's glands. If there is still urine in your bladder needing to be released it will travel through your urethra with the involuntary release of your squirt. If your bladder is empty it will continue to be filled with water obtained from your body via osmosis to maintain the homeostasis of your reproductive organs. It is not always going to be the filtered urine processed by your kidneys, because that can take hours to refill.

The ejaculate fluid that is found in female ejaculate contains PSA agents similar to male semen and it all starts within the Skene's glands, which are connected to the anterior wall of the vagina and around the lower end of the urethra. I'm sure we all know the urethra as a small tunnel that starts from the bladder and runs through the outside of the body, allowing urine to exit. Just around the entrance of this tunnel, near its lower end on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina, are the Skene's ducts.

The fluid produced by the Skene's glands is released through the Skene's ducts, which will be what is known as Leaking, or into the urethra and then out of the body, which is felt as squirting. It is a slow, warm leak when released from the exterior Skene's duct. When it's released from the urethra, it's a forceful spray. When it's released from all glands, it's an explosive Gush.

The positioning of these glands can easily be mistaken for coming directly through the urethra, which isn't necessarily true. The Skene's glands are smaller and not as easily distinguished; they can vary widely in size among different women and are sometimes not detectable at all. Being undetectable does not mean ejaculate will be nonexistent; it just may take extra support to activate.

When female ejaculation occurs, the fluid produced by the Skene's glands travels through the ducts connected to the urethra and the ducts connected to the anterior wall of the vagina and is expelled externally during sexual arousal or Orgasm.

The process is facilitated by the contraction of surrounding muscles during sexual activity, which helps to expel the fluid accumulated in these glands through the ducts to the outside. So when you feel the rapid pulsing of your vagina, allow them to become fully expressed by surrendering to the sensations and not overly reacting to the intensity. It's similar to how if you acknowledge a sneeze; you tend to block it from fully expressing. Just allow it to happen however it wishes to be expressed, don’t overthink and don’t tense up. This rapid pulsation creates pressure and determines how explosive the eruption will be. The more relaxed, present and connected you are in that moment the better your chances are at allowing the orgasmic takeover.

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The power of female ejaculation in regards to Leaking and Gushing can best be compared to a volcanic eruption. The Earth's mantle (the female body) reaches a point where temperatures and pressures intensify. The heat causes the mantle's rock to melt (the female body fully surrenders), creating magma (female ejaculation). The magma builds up in the magma chambers (Skene's Glands), and as the pressure rises, the female ejaculate "magma" releases!

In the orgasmic release of female ejaculation, the Earth's core melting into magma serves as a powerful metaphor for a woman's body surrendering to her energy form, which will bring more pleasure than her attachment to the physical form if she trusts and lets go. Just as the dense matter of the Earth's core liquefies into magma, a woman's surrender allows her dense physical state to transform into the lighter, freer form of her Divine Essence.

The magma chamber, filling up with liquified rock due to the heat, can be seen as another metaphor for her heart, mind, and body (her physical form) becoming replaced with love, bliss, and the light of sexual energy (her energy form). This transformative process mirrors how magma accumulates under pressure, symbolizing the pressure placed on your feminine glands during rapid pulsation, increased temperature, and full surrender to the eruption.

When the pressure reaches a tipping point, it's not just a geological eruption; it symbolizes a profound spiritual and orgasmic release. Energy forcefully ascends through the spine, mirroring a volcanic conduit, and bursts forth from the crown chakra—much like a volcanic eruption on an energetic level.

It causes a calm, joyful release of energy through spiritual enlightenment or as a powerful explosive release, sparking transformation or an intense spiritual experience that reshapes one's being.

Simultaneously, there is a downward energetic release at the base of the spine, symbolized by an orgasmic release through the sacral chakra, the body's center of pleasure and creation. This release is not just physical but a profound liberation of pent-up spiritual energy. Female ejaculates help to release trapped energies from a woman's body, blocking her from radiating a healthy and authentic sensuality and sexuality. It also allows her to get a taste of what her truest essence feels like to be fully expressed, which is a heavenly and euphoric feeling. These glands contain smooth muscles that help to expel fluid into the urethra during ejaculation. These contractions are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which is linked to the spinal nerves. Akin to the varying intensities of a volcanic eruption—ranging from gentle lava flows weeping from your Skene's ducts (Leaking) to vigorous lava bombs erupting from your urethra opening and vaginal glands (Gushing).

Level 1—Squirting: This is the excited release from the urethra, so the liquid traveling through your urethra gets cooled down. When it comes out, it's not as hot as the leaking honey, but the release is profoundly sensational. 

Level 2 - Leaking: This is the slow release of ejaculate directly from the tap. This liquid gold will be hot when it comes out; you will feel the warmth. It glides out like honey or mucous. This leak can be nonstop; it flows from an endless stream, and as it flows, you melt more and more away until you're one with air.  

Level 3 - Gushing: This is the expulsion of arousal fluid from your vaginal canal by way of the Bartholin's glands, ejaculate from the Skene's duct, and squirt from the urethra, all activated and released. Splashing uncontrollably everywhere. This release can cause severe lightheadedness or cramping. 

The nerves that control the Skene's glands stem from the lower spinal cord and the sacral center. So when your energetic spine is aligned (chakras), your sacral center is open and thriving, you develop the opportunity to secrete female ejaculate from your Skene's glands. You can squirt and cum all day, but it won't contain the PSA agents that make up female ejaculate. On top of internal work that needs to be done, external work does, too, by discovering who you are, who you are not, what you don’t like, what feels good, and what makes you relaxed. Get to know yourself so you can know how to put your physical body in an aroused, at-ease state of being.

Female ejacaulate is rich in enzymes, proteins, minerals, and the energetic frequency of a woman's heart and emotional state. It is as healing as plasma and as energizing as a party drug. This is a pure, alkaline, and addicting nectar.

Like other exocrine glands in the body, the Skene's glands produce their fluid through a process of glandular secretion. These glands secrete female ejaculate through ducts either to the external environment or into the internal cavities of the body. The secretion process usually starts with actively moving ions such as sodium and chloride into the ducts, leading to water flowing passively through osmosis. In this case, osmosis happens when water is absorbed through the membrane to balance the water percentage inside the glands as it is outside of the glands. This leads to the accumulation of fluid readily available in your body that mixes with cellular components to form the secretion of female ejaculate. Under sexual arousal, the body increases blood flow to the genital area, including the Skene's glands. This heightened blood flow likely stimulates the glands to produce and secrete fluid.

Neural signals during sexual activity also play a crucial role in triggering these glands to release their contents, similar to how the Bartholin's glands are activated to release arousal fluid/cum.

This means that the beliefs you hold and the thoughts you have play a huge role because what you experience through the nerves of your body is communicated to your mind and vice versa.

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Happy Ejaculating!

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