Have You Ever Been Mind F***ed?

Have You Ever Been Mind F***ed?

Sometime you have to really stimulate your mind, body and soul to experience an orgasm. Be vulnerable with your partner and allow them into your mental. Once you have adapted that, you are given the opportunity to climax!

So sit back and relax and experience a mind f*** that will have you caressing your inner thigh and ready to go mind f*** your special someone...

 Author: Kim McKinney @luvinmycrew

He came home early last night, brought home a bottle of Belve, ask me if I wanted to sip with him, or

maybe catch a show with him. See, he was feeling real boyfriend and girlfriend like. Even ask me if I

wanted to take a ride in his new truck! Fellas you know how you are when you get that new ride.

Anyway, as much as I was feeling all that I still wanted to do something different, I mean the show

sounded real groovy and I told him maybe next week we could catch a movie, baby jazz is real sexy, and

the speakers in yo new truck make my heart go 'thump thump'! But tonight, tonight baby I wanna

Mind F***...

Can we sit and spit

Chill and spill

What’s on your mind?

What fuels your grind?

Can you touch me without your hands?

Reach me with only your words

Turn me on with only your thoughts

Baby why you laughing?

I'm serious I wanna Mind F***!

Can you creep into my subconscious?

and make me unconscious

then empty your soul

explain yourself to me

Communicate your fears to me

then release your self

into the trappings of my mind.

Baby let’s get lost in space

chop it up at taste

make love in hast

with only our minds

intertwine with me

the thought of spending some time with me

on a whole 'nother level

tell me how much you love me

or how much you don’t.

Kiss my brain with the sound of your voice.

Kiss me with only the soothing sound of your words

going round and round.

The soothing sound of your song

keeps me holding on.

That sound when your heart beats next to me

takes me to another place I'd rather be

Baby why you still look shook?

I told you I just wanna Mind Fuck!

I submit to your questions, inquisition, interrogation and even your infatuation with my illusions of you,

even my confusion cause of you.

Dig deep baby keep going baby don’t stop baby you almost there!

Look at me

You have stripped me bare

of any pretense past tense future tense it’s only the present tense, the promise of the here and the now


With your eyes make me feel your pain.

I wanna know the reason behind this and the reason behind that..

I want you to confess your secrets and make me confess mine right back.

Grab hold to my illusions,

scream out your confusion

beg me to clarify this situation

plead for my salvation

wow a mental orgasm

causes a metaphysical reaction

take me thru the hood that manifests in your brain

while we walk hand in hand in the rain

created by my tears,

been built up for years,

cause an eruption between my ears,

tongue kiss my dreams,

lick my ideas,

caress my innovations,

and erase my fears.

Ooh baby you almost there,

share your self

give me some of what they don’t know

and what you afraid to show

get lost in my maze

and find your way out

get to the exit and realize

you don't want a way out

today was just your luck

tip your hat

and pop your collar

you have just been

MIND Fucked!

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