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How to Quarantine Like a Sex Goddess

How to Quarantine Like a Sex Goddess

How to Quarantine Like a Sex Goddess
Written by Mickie Woods

Coronavirus is negatively affecting everything in my life — my travel plans, my dates, my diet and daily routine — but I refuse to let it hurt my sexuality. I’m choosing not to think of this time of social distancing as a hindrance or burden for me, but as an opportunity to tune back into myself. My self-quarantine is a time to reset, remind myself of my greatness, and revitalize my entire life. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to maintain your sex goddess status, this article will help you stay on top of things (in the bedroom and in the world) and become your sexiest self.

Write your business plan
I imagine this isn’t the kind of content you were expecting but hear me out. I know for a fact there’s a brilliant idea or business endeavor that you’ve thought up, but have yet to begin brainstorming for. (Let’s be real, you’re not a true millennial if you can’t relate.) Well, now is a perfect time to start on that business plan, because what’s sexier than having a high sense of fulfillment in your life and tapping into your full potential?! Fulfillment leads to confidence, and confidence is the key to empowerment — including sexual empowerment. Never stop striving to better yourself and your situation, and be sure to reap all the pleasurable benefits that will inevitably come from it.

This year I have fallen in love with journaling. Not only is it an outlet for me to express my feelings and document my life, but it’s the home of my sexual escapades and my sex bucket list (Yes, I have a sex bucket list). Being stuck in the house all day means extra time for daily journaling. Journaling your turn-ons, kinks, interests, and experiences helps you become more in touch with your sexuality and strengthens your sexual relationship with yourself. It also enables you to release hangups so you can be more present (and therefore experience more pleasure) for sex with others.

The best way to start journaling your pleasure is through a self pleasure journal! The I Am She Botanicals Self Pleasure Daily Journal is 156 pages of journaling prompts, reflection sections, short stories, activities, and more, and it’s a fantastic way to enhance your solitude. It’s almost as if this journal was made specifically for a quarantine! And did I mention that orgasms actually boost your immune system and relieve stress?! Make sure you’re having plenty of them and documenting it all.

Turn on your virtual seduction
With strict rules around social gatherings, it can be tough to maneuver your way over to your dick appointment. Thankfully we have technology, and your next hookup could be just one nude away. Consider sending nudes to your lovers to remind them of what they’ll get post-confinement. Use technology as a tool to keep things juicy. Sexting skills are vital and the era of coronavirus is the perfect time to practice them. Better yet, hop on FaceTime and have yourself a hot date. And let’s not forget how erotic physical restriction can be. Being restricted from sexual contact adds a new element of temptation to your affair and will make your eventual reunion with your lover that much more intense. And if there’s no one currently on your roster, put on some lingerie and have a sexy photoshoot for yourself — because taking bomb nudes and not sending them off is, in my opinion, one of the most sexually empowering acts.

Do your squats
By the time this all ends, the goal is not to be in a worse place mentally, financially, or physically, but in a better place. With all this free time, a small portion of each of your days should be reserved for exercise. Don’t let self-quarantine deteriorate your health. The suggested quarantine time of 2-3 weeks is the perfect timeframe to start a new habitual workout schedule. Make sure you’re able to exit your isolation with a clearer mind and a fatter ass. Swimsuit season is right around the corner. I beg you to not let laziness takeover and set you back on your fitness goals. You’ll thank me later!

Self care, shawty
Along with social distancing, try your hardest to remain calm and listen to your heart and body. Wash your hands. Stay informed. Drink your Vitamin C. Take care of yourself before taking care of others. All that is mentioned in this article can be considered self-care, but I want to emphasize the importance of finding what works for you. Ask yourself what you truly need during this time — personally and relationally. Whether that means turning off the news, dusting off and diving into old erotica, or putting your phone on Do Not Disturb for a little while, tend to your needs while prioritizing your pleasure and reminding yourself of the sex goddess you truly are.

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