Nipple Orgasms!

Nipple Orgasms!

Where does one begin when discussing orgasms... You wouldn't think the nipples. Today we are going to focus on just that. Mainly because I love my nipples to be played with and sucked on. (If you are taking SheOrgasms I know you enjoy it as well.) SheOrgasms adds a great delicacy to the nipple making them more sensitive and easily aroused.

I know orgasms are such a gray area, I've read so many different articles, books, and watched webinars by the so called "professionals". Every one has different theories and thoughts, and have completed various studies but NO ONE has been able to actually explain orgasms in an understandable way. In addition, it feels different for every woman so how could everyone be on the same page. Some orgasms are small, grand, long, short, sporadic, etc.

What I understand is that an orgasms is just an overwhelming sexual feeling provoked by pleasure, and can happen in so many ways. Your brain is doing most of the work which is why you can orgasms without touch, or even by just stimulating your nipples! Neurons are firing similar to contractions, or even similar to someone having a seizure. But you have to relax and allow your brain to release control and get those neurons firing. The brain is pretty much scared, like "oh no, this could be dangerous. Abort! Abort!" But you need to push through that and let the pleasure create something magical for you. What I love about orgasms is that it's involuntary. Your body releases a grand finale and you get to feel true bliss!

So let's talk about this nipples orgasm also known as nipple-gasms. Because I SWEAR I've experienced it 3 times now that I've been avidly taking my herbal supplements. After researching it further I realized the same nerves that are connected to your nipples are connected to your clitoris. 75% of women need external stimulation to the clitoris in order to have an orgasm. So why not focus on the nipples for a bit. It'll be like while your significant other is playing with your breast, a ghost is softly and slowly licking your clitoris.

Patience is going to be key. Every time I've experienced this with my significant he simply just relaxes with me, puts my boob in his mouth and sucks on it delicately. He squeezes and pinches the other while flicking, and licking with his tongue and subtly biting down between licks. I lean my head back and allow the moment to just feel good. I rub on his head, caress his back, and moan while he enjoys pleasing me. I focus on my breathing so that my mind doesn't wander off from the sensual moment. Sometimes I even help him caress my breast, I place my hands atop his hands, or I'll rub beneath my breast, or squeeze the fat on top of my rib cage.

He would be doing this for at least 30 minutes. I won't allow him to touch my vagina until I felt the soft small waves of an orgasm happening and the strong release of my arousal fluids.

The orgasm isn't a volcanic eruption type, it's kind of more like a gradual soft shock moving up your spine, tingling your whole body. IT FEELS SO GOOD! Which then only makes the sex 10 times more pleasurable once you finally allow him inside of you.

Imagine holding your pee for a really long time, and then finally getting the opportunity to release it while cleaning your ear out with a Q-Tip. That's how some orgasms feel to me lol. It's a total body experience.

Some women can't orgasms from nipple play and that is absolutely OK, nothing is wrong with your nipples. You just have to find the area that does do it for you, excluding your clit. The nipple has lots of nerve endings just like a clitoris does among other erogenous zones such as lips, ears, and neck. So if you're not into nipple play don't force it.


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    I really enjoyed this article, lately I’ve been cumming off nipple play alone. Excited to see how taking she orgasms would make that experience even better.

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