The Ego vs. Spirit - Bridging the Orgasm Gap

The Ego vs. Spirit - Bridging the Orgasm Gap

Are you ready to awaken your orgasmic energy?

Are you ready to have an Ego-death?

Are you ready to feel good no matter what life throws at you?

Are you ready to be in control of your reality?

Are you ready to experience the sexual sensations your Soul craves?

If you've made your way to this page, it was divine guidance from your Divine Team. You must be ready to receive something needed to take your intimate life with Self and/or with your partner to go to your next level.

Most people believe that orgasms are solely achieved through the efforts put in by their partner. But that is why this global Orgasmic disconnect exists. Men and women have been given inadequate, invalid, and limiting resources and information from society. Please also note that the society is run by white men clearly unfamiliar with giving women orgasms. Their motives have been programmed by the emotions, thoughts, and actions of slave owners and white supremacy. They are entirely detached from recognizing or accepting a woman's feminine power. That's just the unfortunate truth. You cannot trust anything you did not confirm to be true through your own experience or deep research.

We naturally feel required to believe what's been taught to us. We continue to think all of our thoughts are true because it resonates in our bodies, failing to realize the subconscious programming of our beliefs is created during our traumatizing, struggling childhoods and adolescence. You cannot trust everything it says because it no longer applies. You have a greater awareness and cognition to understand better what happens to you, how you feel, and what other people's actions mean. You no longer have to protect yourself or hide. You can think you're funny, cool, bright, dope, sexy, entertaining, drop-dead gorgeous, or the most extraordinary person you know! You have permission to be that version of yourself. It's safe to be her. Your Soul misses her. You can trust her again. You can listen to your intuition more confidently.

The ability to reach Orgasms depend on YOU.

It's hard to focus there because we have so many feelings about so many things. It distracts us from focusing on the true beauty in life. The deeper the feeling, the harder it is to go away. And since emotions are felt within your body, no one else can explain your feelings. What makes it even worse, we rarely know how to describe how we feel because your very mature, know-it-all Ego has buried those feelings and turned them into limiting and toxic behaviors and thoughts.

This annoying subconscious inner dialogue marinated in generations of toxic shame, self-hate, abandonment issues, and suppressed desires is running your daily routine or lack thereof.

All that suffering and pain creates thorns inside of you, which can only be washed away by getting to the bottom of your feelings and using your compassionate heart to forgive, trust, and understand others and yourself.

Once you understand the depths of your feelings, the thorns soften, and your Divine Nectar can easily flow. When you gain clarity of the root issue driving your emotions and actions, you realize how stupid, funny, or pointless they are. You will see that the feeling isn't as deep as you thought, doesn't align with the truth of who you are, or the perspective you've been taking may not even be factual. Once you've gone through that process with your feelings, you start a new relationship with Unconditional Love for a Higher Power, Self, and others. You drop the mental habits and actions of hate, jealousy, pettiness, negativity, disrespect, doubt, and fear. You continually choose to welcome in love, unity, respect, positivity, acceptance, and trust. Those feelings increase the magic and sweetness of your Divine Nectar.

Your nectar carries the energetic imprint of your Soul. So if your Soul feels comforted, joyful, and loved, your nectar will be powerful, addictive, and worshipped. If The Ego overpowers your Soul, your nectar becomes tainted and toxic. It may cause constant bacterial or yeast infections, even more severe, begin to cause things like PCOS and other intimate feminine disorders and illnesses. It is a sign to welcome more love of Self and unconditional love for others into your thoughts and actions. It’s a sign your body is seeking harmony between spirit and body.

Ways to know when The Ego is present:

Self-putdowns, distrust, disbelief, catastrophic thoughts about the future, overly-critical judgments and critiques, shaming views of remorse, regrets, sexuality, success, etc., predicting negative hypotheticals, blame, perfectionism, controlling, righteousness, passive aggressiveness, self-deprivation, disgust, rigid, all-knowing, rage, pettiness, obsessive, envy, neglectfulness, arrogance, pride. Plus so many more emotions and habits that are powered by The Ego.

Your orgasms and Divine Nectar (Amrita) depend on your ability to choose between responding to every moment in life with a feeling powered by The Ego or the Spirit. It's the difference between agreeing and reacting through the body's memories, pain, trauma, and truths. Or respond through God's Love and Universal Law—the truths of all Truth.

We are all Divine Spirits, operating inside of these bodies to pay back Karmic debt, break generational curses and cycles, share our life story with the world, contribute to healing humanity, reconnect with our Soul Tribe and Soul Mate, continue a legacy, and spiritually return home to your Highest Self/Source Energy.

But we live in a time where The World/The Matrix has created an incredibly entertaining loop that keeps people's attention outside them, disconnected from their Spirit and Soul. They are too obsessed with social media, social acceptance, watching tv, drinking, clubbing, self-objectifying, recklessly f***ing, committing crimes, oversleeping, etc. A bunch of mindless activities of the physical realm that bring temporary ease to internal suffering and mental frustrations.

By being overly attached to the outer world, you become more connected to the truths of your body and what your eyes witness than the truths of your Divine Essence. You believe that the things that happen in the physical realm define you. Those thoughts are The Ego leading, trying to keep you away from your Divinity so that you never reach your Feminine Power. The Ego stays alive and thriving when you continue to use it. But once you take that leap into your inner world and discover the depths of who you are, how you feel, and what you want, you will create a version of yourself you’ve always admired or envied others for embracing. 

Ways to know when The Spirit is Present:

Daydreaming positive experiences, being playful, imagining good-feeling hypotheticals, and feelings of compassion, empathy, curiosity, love, and understanding. Laughter, happiness, gratitude, creative thinking, sacred prayers, serenity, ease, comfort, excitement, delight, and pleasure. Relaxation, mindfulness, appreciation. And the list goes on and on. 

It would be best to give the same amount of energy you give to the physical world/The Matrix/Life to your spiritual internal world/Spirit/Source/Soul.
The absence of your overactive mind, the comfort to a grieving, broken heart, the appreciation of the present moment, The acceptance of the current blessings in your life, and the detachment to the stories of this body allow you to experience the orgasmic energy that lies dormant within you, waiting to be awakened.
Your blessings, pleasure, and beauty are waiting on the other side of your Ego. Will you make it forward or stay held back?


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