Why Marketing and Dating are the Same Thing

Why Marketing and Dating are the Same Thing

Written by Mickie Woods


As our world becomes more virtual and the line between life and business continues to get blurry, many people are searching for new ways to navigate life — including new ways to make money and new ways to make lovers. As a dating coach, people have been coming to me for advice on how to manage the sudden halt in their once poppin’ dating lives. And as a digital marketer, I continuously get asked plenty of questions about branding and today’s best marketing strategies. Over time, I have found myself providing very similar answers for each of these subjects. It quickly occurred to me that there are more intersections between dating and marketing to count, but here are 6 of those intersections and 6 ways that demonstrate how dating and marketing are indeed the same thing.


All relationships are transactional

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Every sale is an exchange, and so is every connection. My degree in marketing taught me that the most accurate and simple definition of marketing is “satisfying customer needs”. As humans, we rely on each others’ strengths for survival and satisfaction, and strengths manifest as wonderful business endeavors. So whether that need is biological, social, spiritual, emotional, or sexual, people buy goods and services from others to meet unmet needs and live more fulfilling lives. This is an important reminder when doing business as well as when dating.


Good things take time

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I had a professor in college who loved to compare dating to marketing — suggesting that brands who ask their potential customers to buy from them upon first exposure to their product are essentially asking folks to marry them on the first date. This is what he called very bad marketing. In the same way that many folks desire to develop a certain level of trust with a potential partner before investing in them romantically, new businesses must first build trust with audiences in order to convert sales (what we call very good marketing). People don’t become millionaires overnight and they also don’t fall into marriage overnight. This example and others always sent me down a spiral of thoughts once I started to realize that all relationships are simply that — relationships.


Know your audience

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In business, figuring out what your potential customer looks like and how you can provide value to them shapes the type of marketing you implement. Most people will agree that wearing a shirt every day that says “DATE ME” is a flawed approach to dating, and this is essentially what brands are doing when they’re constantly throwing advertisements in our faces. Instead, communicate where you add value and how you will change this new person’s life. It’s important to cater your communication style to what resonates with your particular audience, while never being too forward or overly “salesy”. It’s the same with dating because in order to gauge whether you should be dating someone, you've got to assess just how compatible the two of you are, which means knowing and understanding the other person pretty well, then commuting in a way that lands best with who they are as a person.


Provide value

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When dating, ask yourself: What value do I bring? What are me and the other person working with? And, with what we’re both able to bring to the table, how can we create a healthy exchange? And with business, ask yourself the same things. Think about the ways in which you can provide value and the ways you can’t. Think about what differentiates you from the rest. Think about why this person should choose you and how you can help them in return.


Build trust

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Whether business, personal, romantic, platonic... all relationships require trust. Take SheOrgasms Supplements for example. People come back time and time again because they know they’ll get the results they’re looking for. Consistency leads to trust, and trust leads to a willingness to invest. If people are choosing to spend their hard-earned dollars on your work (or their limited time and energy on you), they should be able to trust that you’ll make it worthwhile for them.


The power of manifestation

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Lastly, never forget the power of manifestation and visualization. For each of my businesses, I write out quarterly goals and periodically check in with those goals to keep myself on track. And instead of checking my social media first thing in the morning, I’ve started visualizing my goals coming into fruition as soon I wake up. I encourage all my dating coaching clients to do the same — to write out exactly what they want in a potential partner and to regularly visualize experiencing a healthy relationship with them.

It’s pretty incredible that you can use marketing knowledge to help you in your dating life and dating tricks to help you in your business life. Remember that your thoughts are power, to be mindful of what you give your energy to, that nothing is out of reach, and by believing in yourself, you can attract all that is for you.


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