Get a full bottle of SheOrgasms and the Self Pleasure Journal! 

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This fun, empowering journal will help you discover your sensuality and get a closer connection with yourself and your body. Uncover things you've never thought of and sensations you've never felt!


156 pages of nightly journaling, reflections, short stories, activities, and MORE!!

Great for a gift, but even better for yourself. 

Specs: Paperback - 6 X 9  - Full color


1 Bottle of SheOrgasms containing 30 Capsules:


  • Helps promote overall vaginal wellness
  • Increased vaginal wetness
  • Enhances your everyday mood
  • Increase your desire and energy
  • Regulates blood flow to clitoris to heighten climax
  • Total body arousal
  • Plus more...


9 natural herbs are blended together inside each capsule.

You can take up to 4 capsules at a time.

Safe to drink with alcohol.

Better when taken everyday as a supplement.


This is meant to change your LIFE, not just your night.


Specs: Paperback - 6 X 9  - Full color

Journal & SheOrgasms Bundle

  • If SheOrgasms does not have an impact on your sex life. You are eligible for a return after 30 days. You must email  kay@sheorgasms.com and you will be provided with a questionnaire. Once questionnaire is filled out we can issue a refund. 

    No refunds on sample packs. No refund on Self Pleasure Journals