Brown Coconut Oil

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The BEST coconut oil you’ll ever use! 

Created by Nyanga's Mae Nature

Brown Coconut Oil, the traditionally handmade oil, is a honor to Mae Nature herself- smooth, luxurious and divine, spiritually inspired by Mother Nature.

The warm aroma is a result of Organic Coconuts traditionally processed carefully to give the unique scent, colour and sensual silky feel of Brown Coconut Oil.

Brown Coconut Oil is simple yet it echoes beauty in it's simplest form captured in a glass bottle. Leaves you feeling smooth, sexy and confident! 

Uses: Skin, Hair, and Cooking

Product includes:

200ML Bottle

Note that the coconut oil becomes solid when cold.

Produce: Brazil


Nyanga’s is a skincare brand established in 2015 but this journey has started centuries ago when Nyanga’s grandmother was taught by her grandmother how to make the family secret golden oil. It’s created  by using only preeminent mature coconuts and following a traditional artisan method that carries a long-lived family secret passed from generation to generation.



Coconut oil is popularly known for its medium chain fatty acids and glycerides responsible for many health benefits. This magical oil also contains antimicrobial properties that help treat acne and protect the skin from harmful bacteria. Overall contributing to a lovely healthy and moisturised dermis.


Brown Coconut Oil is that and more. We believe in Nature hence our product being natural and uncompromised. It’s kind to the skin and helps our customers maintain beautiful healthy nourished epidermis, whilst comfortably knowing that it is 100% organic and vegan friendly. Our superb Oil is carefully crafted and made from selective high-quality origin. BCO is gifted with a unique golden appearance, silky texture, unforgettable sweet toasted aroma and loaded with nutritional content.