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Ebony Tutora - queensrecognizequeens (10.4K followers)

Ebony, the healing Goddess divinely guided to be a SheOrgasms influencer with her Divine Mother energy and contagious sensuality. She has built a successful coaching business helping women remain orgasmically aligned throughout all of life’s beautiful transitions. Her natural determination to bring about enlightenment stems from her being able to transform her traumatic past into a peaceful future. This Spiritual Wellness Practitioner has already made a radical internal shift in many women and is ready to help you next! Follow @queensrecognizequeens on Instagram to learn more about Ebony!

Dawn Davenport - sweetnothingsandco (3.8k Followers)

Dawn, the sweet Goddess divinely guided to be a SheOrgasms influencer with her confident, vibrant, bold, and sensual energy! She has built a tribe of liberated, body positive, and sex positive women that have become captured by Dawn’s sensual poems, captivating products, and charismatic personality. She is the owner of Sweet Nothings & Co. which offers incredible jewelry and fun merch that highlight the orgasmic woman. Follow @sweetnothingsandco to learn more about Dawn!

Liz - theroyalbeautee (11.3K followers)

Royal, the royal Goddess divinely guided to be a SheOrgasms influencer due to her sensually confident, Divine Mother energy. Her natural power and sacred wisdom allow her to be a natural motivational speaker for women to help them live more orgasmically. She’s a lifestyle blogger, engineer, and YouTube, ready to help others tap into their creativity. She effortlessly balances being a mom, wife, boss, and baddie, all while spreading love and inspiration. Follow @theroyalbeautee to learn more about Royal!

Kiara - kikisaidso (42.4k followers)

Kiara, the social Goddess guided to be a SheOrgasms influencer with her sexual transparency and relatability. She is the homegirl next door with a personality that has attracted her loyal tribe of women. She is a jack of all trades, from a Media Personality, Cookbook Author, to an entrepreneur. This beautiful woman is just giving you a taste of what all she has to offer the world, and we can’t wait to see it! Follow @kikisaidso to learn more about Kiara!

Idah Alisha (283k Followers)

Idah, the harmonious Goddess divinely guided to be a SheOrgasms influencer with her Divine Feminine energy and genuine personality. She naturally influences women to embrace their femininity and be themselves. She is the definition of authenticity. Idah brings a global reach of women curious to know what she uses to stay orgasmically aligned. This Kenyan Goddess is ready to take over the world! As an actress, a podcast host, and even a screenwriter! To learn more about Idah, follow @idah_alisha

Jamesia (2.2k Followers)

Jamesia, the spunky Goddess divinely guided to be a SheOrgasms influencer with her Divine Mother, sensual energy. She’s a badass mom and has such a huggable soul. She is living life lavishly, simply by allowing the fullness of herself always to show up. She is the vibe of the party, and the smile that lights up a room. This content creator is confidently serving up the realness on reclaiming your body postpartum and living orgasmically! To learn more about James, follow @jamesiaterry