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"YOOOOOOO!!! I stand by this product so much I plan on becoming a distributor SOON! When Kay first launched SheOrgasms, I didn't think I would need them due to me already cumming in 2.8 minutes. My husband barely has to work for it as it is LOL. I recently started experiencing vaginal dryness. I was totally shocked and embarrassed! After a month of my husband's saliva lube, I said F this I'm buying SheOrgasms. I'm so happy I did! I noticed results on day 2! Sexual energy and focus is heightened and I'm pleasantly moist! I love it and I can't wait to flood the block with these!! LOVE YOU KAY!"


"I have been taking 2 SheOrgasms daily for about a week now and whoo chile my sex drive has been on 1000. I originally heard about this product on The Cocktales podcast. I decided to try it because Keke spoke about how much wetter it makes her. Well she was not lying. It definitely makes my girl get wetter than she did before. My baby is really enjoying the SheOrgasms enhanced me. I will definitely keep a bottle of this in my nightstand."

Kei A.

"All I have to say is amazing! Since I found out about these supplements I cant get enough.. I order online, I visit local retailers that have them, whatever it takes!! I’m sold! Definitely a customer for life!"


"I have always had an issue with getting wet enough so that sex isn’t painful AND BABY WHEN I TELL YOU THIS ISH WORKS!!!! It’s almost insane how effortlessly it works for it to just be herbs. I seriously adore this company and Kay & how passionate she is about her brand. I tried the trial and by the 3rd day ya girl was DRIPPING!!!! I’m still shocked. Now I don’t have to depend on “them” to get me there. Lol"

Summer W.

"This review is way over due...These are so good! Your partner will definitely feel magic when you take these. Before sex I take 3/4 and it heightens my sensation and leaves me EXTREMELY wet. It’s best to use them daily to get them in your system for those unexpected quickies. Definitely ordering more consistently. Great natural product."

Arri A.W.
Message From The Founder: Kay Jones

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