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Rum Honey Tincture

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The Rum Honey Tincture is the SheOrgasms pills in liquid form!!

The SheOrgasms herbal formula is soaked in dark rum and mixed with pure organic honey locally sourced from a black woman farmer. The natural potency of the herbs is extracted into the rum and honey. The sweetener of the honey is also a natural aphrodisiac! 

Shake Well. Take 1-2 half dropper fulls at the start of the day or take 2-3 full drops before sexual play. Your choice! Since these are herbs, you must pay attention to how it reacts to your body. Figure out the # of drops that work best for your body. Be sure to drink water and be patient with your body. 

Note that the taste isn't favorable to all, but you may drop tincture in wine, water, tea, or your desired beverage. 

Please Note: Most discounts do not apply to tinctures. 

20 ml dropper bottle.
Material: glass

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