SheOrgasms Supplements

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1 Bottle Containing 30 Capsules:
Helps promote overall vaginal wellness
Increased vaginal wetness
Enhances your everyday mood
Increase your desire, libido and energy
Regulates blood flow to clitoris to heighten climax
Total body arousal
    10 natural herbs are blended together inside each capsule.
    You can take up to 4 capsules at a time.
    Safe to drink with alcohol.
    Better when taken everyday as a supplement.
    This is meant to change your LIFE, not just your night.

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    Lakeisha S.
    United States United States
    Loving customer

    Omg I am in love. It works so well when I mean I was tripping wet my partner loved it to the point where he suggested buy me some more. If you looking for something to get you there and keep you wet and no complaints I suggest you buy this product 100% does what it says.

    Latoya M.
    My senses was higher than giraffe pussy!

    Hey to my fellow and future super soakers!! I heard about these little little gifts from Mother Nature from kiki and medinah from cocktales podcast first. Then, I had a couple of buddies who had experienced their own personal tidal waves after taking the pills them selves! My best friend and I end up going in on the double pack and then boom! I chose to use my pills during the full moon. I took me a goddess bath and got super relaxed! Lit me some candles and the mood was set! I popped four as directed by my homegirl! I waited a good hour and then it got real! I had a warm sensation come over my body and everything felt like magic. My senses was higher than giraffe pussy! I was wetter than the Pacific Ocean! I thought I was super head and me and bae went for rounds! When it was all over bae said "damn bae?! You ovulating or you been listening to that podcast (talking about Cocktales lmao)?" I said no "I took some she orgasms." He said "damn and they work!" I said "How?" He said "it was just a vibe!" Sings **It's vibe! That's a vibe! Yea yea!** moral of the story is I ain't bussing these bad babies out until Valentine's Day! If my gift is good, he can get this good good! Lmao

    Char A.
    Issues with vaginal dryness and performance enhancing

    Highly recommend for anyone having issues with vaginal dryness and performance enhancing. Birth control jacked my hormones up and I absolutley feel that these pills changed my life! Only reason for the 4.5 is the pill was a little hard to swallow ( I'm not good at swallowing med/large pills)

    Thank you!!!!

    I didn't know what to expect but I started taking these on a Wednesday while my dude was out of town. I took them for five days and by the time he came back that Sunday, we both could tell the difference. I stayed wet which is rare for me. The sensations felt different, it's hard to explain but it was an amazing feeling, like a whole new experience! I am a customer for LIFE. And telling all my girlfriends about this awesome product. Thank you!!!!

    Definitely a customer for life!

    All I have to say is amazing! Since I found out about these supplements I cant get enough.. I order online, I visit local retailers that have them, whatever it takes!! I'm sold! Definitely a customer for life!