The Shocking Link Between Plasma & Cumming!

The Shocking Link Between Plasma & Cumming!

Hear me out. I have been a bit confused about the act of what cumming actually is for a while now. When a woman is saying, I'm cumming over and over again, the temperature and arousal arise below; as she cums, she feels relief from her body through the crevices of her vagina. I've speculated where this fluid comes from before it gets to the glands that secrete the fluids, but nothing resonated deep within my being. I'm not talking about the contents of squirting or the euphoria of having an Orgasm. I'm talking about the sacred drippings that flow under heightened arousal, pleasurable sensations, and penetration and that weep from the walls and glands of the vulva. The juices a man feels when he refers to her as wet, juicy, squishy, etc.

Then, one day, I received a download from Source. I was on a shroom trip, and a statement was dropped in my mind. It was, "Your nectar is healing," and I was like, " Duh." Then, the image of blood popped into my mind, and my mouth spoke the words "plasma." I was so confused and lost.

I pushed it away for a while because I can be VERY creative, and I didn't trust that that information wasn't from my active sacral center. But then a couple of weeks went by, and I was guided to grab a book on human blood and plasma by Johann Schaller that I randomly bought 3 years ago and decided to read up on some things. I found some intriguing things, bringing me to my laptop to read articles, lab research, and university dissertations. I called my seasoned Holistic Nurse friend and a Human Biologist friend to understand the biochemical processes involved in a woman's sacred drippings. 

I am putting this information out here because I feel it is crucial to have accurate information regarding women's sexual wellness. I will leave out big scientific terms and explain this in a way that makes sense. I have my thoughts on why this information is hidden, untaught, and will quickly be shut down as invalid, but we won't get on that today.

Alright, let's dive into the details of this fascinating process using simple and straightforward language:

Let's start with the origin. When you drink water, it's absorbed into your body through the intestines. This water becomes a part of your blood, which, when filtered by the kidneys, results in plasma. It serves as the liquid base for whole blood. Your intestines are around 20 feet long and are primarily responsible for water absorption through their walls and into the bloodstream and body. Plasma makes up about 55% of your blood fraction. Plasma itself is made up of over 90% water. So water is EXTREMELY vital for the body and its systems. 


When that blood goes to the kidneys, a portion of your blood's plasma gets filtered out, some of the liquid gets reabsorbed back into the body, and the waste is sent to your bladder to become urine.


Plasma contains electrolytes, sugar, fats, minerals, proteins, hormones, and salts. The specific composition varies based on a woman's emotional state, diet, and the filtration health of her kidneys. Plasma is a life-sustaining force that flows throughout our bodies and can help bring healing to the areas in the body in need. It's something scientists haven't even been able to synthetically replicate because it's a remarkable and fascinating component of The Universe. Plasma is used in various ways, such as solid, liquid, and gas. It's a magical substance that saves lives, keeps us healthy, and transforms technology.

It's beneficial because your body's organs, glands, tissues, and systems need warmth, water, nutrients, hormones, or proteins, and your plasma is responsible for providing them. This yellow fluid is also responsible for maintaining body temperature.


When the vagina increases in heat from being aroused, it signals your body that it needs plasma to be distributed there to regulate it back to a "safe" temperature. Based on the research completed at PubMed Central, they concluded that "During sexual arousal, there is increased blood flow to the genitalia, resulting in vasocongestion. Vasocongestion is the swelling of bodily tissues caused by increased vascular blood flow and a localized increase in blood pressure." (When the vagina starts to increase in temperature). Typical causes of vasocongestion in humans include menstruation, sexual arousal, REM sleep, strong emotions, illness, and allergic reactions. Some kind of engorgement occurs.

Vaginal lubrication occurs as a result of several processes, including the escape of plasma from blood vessels through pores or breaks in the cell membranes, through the inner lining of the vagina onto the surface of the vagina, and secretions from the uterus, and vestibular and Bartholin's glands all mixed together coating his hardness with a one of a kind serum.

The vagina lengthens and dilates due to relaxation of smooth muscle. Increased blood flow to the body of the clitoral and labial arteries results in increased pressure, resulting in erection of the clitoral glans, swelling, protrusion of the glans clitoris, and engorgement of the labia lips."

Things can get pretty heated when the arousal is sensational and connected. So the plasma is sent to the female prostate to fill with some of the liquid fraction of your blood's plasma and is funneled and retained by the capillaries when stimulated to regulate its temperature increase. Blood vessels throughout the body carry this liquid to the Skene's Gland, clear of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The female prostate swells with this liquid as the capillaries work with the Skene's gland to release this personalized concoction through your urethral opening and secrete through your Bartholin's glands. It oozes, sprays, squirts, and drips from all crevices of your vagina.

When fluids build up in the erectile tissues of the urethral sponge, they will be forcefully released because there is not that much space to hold the rushing fluids. The water that has been absorbed back into your body is signaled to be released because of the intense arousal, sensation, and relaxation experienced by the body.

The SheOrgasms Supplements and Rum Honey Tincture is created to regulate the blood flow to your vulva, making it more sensitive, aroused, and gushy. It signals your body to send blood to your vulva, increasing the intensity of your climax and release of your nectar. Check out what the ladies who have taken it are saying:

So, to conclude, the nectar/female ejaculate of a woman, even her squirt and female ejaculation (we'll dive deeper into this next time), contains the filtered plasma of your blood, free of red blood cells.

So drink up; it can be very healing for the body!

Happy Cumming!


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