The 9 Stages of a Woman’s Sexuality

Once you discover that your sexuality is part of your spirituality, life makes more sense. Your evolution within this world depends on how you accept change and continue transforming into your most authentic Self with as little resistance as possible. We go through these stages to analyze what situations, experiences, people, and behaviors should be discarded from our life and which we should embrace. 

We are complex, and no one is 100% anything. You are unique bits and pieces of everything. You have to discover those percentages through the contrasts of life. Keep rolling with The Universe, and find your purpose and role within this matrix. 

Regarding the stages of a woman’s sexuality, no one stage is bad or good. The stage you are in is essential for your unique journey. The order of these stages varies based on your life experiences and choices. You may find that you are in more than one stage, which is fine. By the time you reach your 40s, you should have experienced at least three different stages of sexuality if you have actively engaged with life at its fullest. 

What is Sexuality?

Sexuality is how you experience and express yourself sexually. How you embrace your feminine power and allow pleasure. This includes the biological, psychological, physical, erotic, emotional, social, or spiritual feelings and behaviors of your true self.

What is Sacred Sexuality The genuine and deeply intimate relationship developed and expressed with oneself. It includes the unique traits, behaviors, actions, and desires that define an individual. Often, the journey with sexuality begins long before we can fully understand ourselves, our boundaries, and our precious truths causing it to be wounded. Embracing one's sexuality as sacred requires recognizing its purity and Divinity. In this light, one's sexuality is directly connected with one's spirituality, forming a indestructible, powerful, harmonious unity with the Self.



During this stage, a woman finds herself allowing emotional trauma, physical abuse, religious beliefs, false information, or shame to disconnect her from her sexuality. She tries not to think about it and even tries her best to avoid it. There is so much pain and hurt within that needs to be processed, accepted, forgiven, nurtured, and empowered. This stage is challenging to leave because it seems permanent and a genuine part of who she identifies as. 


During this stage, a woman finds herself feeling shame around her body and even her yoni. She suppresses her sexual desires and finds herself appeasing to man’s sexual pleasure before her own. She is emotionally, spiritually, or sexually closed off in relationships and disconnected from her pleasure. This stage leads to many medical issues and sickness due to the unreleased energy trapped within the body. 


During this stage, a woman finds herself experimenting sexually with various people, various kinks, and various things to bring sexual fulfillment. She bounces from soul to soul, hoping to find the most incredible feeling with the most enjoyable person. She uses her high sex drive and good sex to bring temporary relief to her ego desires. At this stage, there is no loyalty, no commitment, no feelings involved, and her guard is entirely up. She is only concerned with her pleasure and doesn’t have time for catching feelings or falling in love. This stage is fun, liberating, and even addicting. Many stay within this stage until they get tired of feeling empty or lonely. 


During this stage, a woman finds herself in a relationship for security, money, popularity, or any other reason outside of unconditional love and trust. She has a deep need to be taken care of financially to feel loved. She requires her partner to validate her worth through constant attention, validation, and gifts. If circumstances change, she is willing to move on to the next best thing that best benefits her lifestyle and happiness. This lavish stage brings material joy but does not hit on a soul level. It eventually leads to resentment and inner discomfort. 


During this stage, a woman finds herself showcasing her body, intimate moments, and sexuality to a crowd for validation of beauty, to gain inner confidence, or rise in popularity. She openly or subconsciously uses her sexuality for fame, attention, money, or gifts. It is a phase where you lead with flesh to prove your worth. She may find herself constantly in toxic situationships that cause her to dislike men, making it hard to trust and be open. This stage can be fun. Many women get stuck here enjoying their thousands of social media friends and satisfying attention from various sources. 


During this stage, a woman finds herself living happily, unhappy being single, or in an unfulfilling relationship. She is settling because she feels her time is running out, or she doesn’t want her invested time to be for nothing. She has convinced herself to be satisfied with her current state of life of not being loved how she yearns. She continues to make the most out of her situation, which keeps her moving forward with a positive attitude. This stage is tough to get out of because it’s comfortable and reliable, and we all love the feeling of security and stability. 


During this stage, a woman is just going with the flow of life. She has no expectations but embraces her desire for a committed relationship. She openly dates and talks to a few people but has created firm boundaries and healthy, energetic exchanges. She understands energy and listens to her intuition for navigation. She makes decisions for herself and no longer does things that simply don’t feel good. This is an exciting phase, especially if you’ve struggled to be selfish in your past. Now, you’re putting yourself first, and it feels fantastic.


During this stage, a woman finds herself in self-reflection, getting to know herself on a deeper level so that she can show up healthier and happier in all relationships. She spends more time healing her wounds and figuring out how to be mentally healthy and emotionally in control. She is constantly seeing synchronicities and attracting new experiences that bring her joy. She is not concerned about getting into a relationship because her focus is genuinely on her expansion and inner harmony. However, this stage builds up energy that naturally attracts a partner who deserves you. Just be sure to get out of the house and have some fun so you can bump into the blessings. 


During this stage, a woman showcases her body, intimate moments, and sexuality to teach, educate, train, or liberate others. She fully embodies confidence and self-love by showcasing happiness and gratitude through her sexuality. She has developed the ability to use her flesh to deliver a message to help others. This stage is empowering and unlocks a level of sensuality that can’t be taught.


During this stage, a woman finds herself vulnerable, allowing her to let down her walls and trust someone with her heart and soul. She is allowing herself to be completely open to the depths of love. She understands things vibrationally and through the eyes of the Divine. She finally feels confident in her skin, and she confidently speaks up for her pleasure. She has created a divine balance of being soft and expressing her power. This stage is rewarding and eases inner discomfort. 

What phase(s) are you in right now? 

How is being in this stage positively impacting your  evolution?

In what ways do you wish to evolve within your sexuality?

Take some time to answer these questions and drop in the comments which stage resonates with your current placement in life.


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  • Posted by Rachael Green on

    What phase(s) are you in right now? SACRED!!!!

    How is being in this stage positively impacting your evolution? I think there are still moments that I revert back to from previous stages of sexual development, especially when I tap into deeper levels of intimacy with my partner, my soul tends to retract and get nervous when I should let go and welcome more of him closer to me. I think the self-awareness of the divine connection really allows me to get closer to myself, my personal, financial, and fulfillment goals as well as intimacy goals!

    In what ways do you wish to evolve within your sexuality? I wish to welcome more challenges to my intimacy and boundaries within my sexuality and relationship, I look forward to embracing the deeper levels untouched and exploring new eccentric ways to get sexy!

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    I’m in the controlled stage right now and I’m really enjoying it

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