The Keys to Unlock Feminine Submission through Masculine Leadership: Part 1

The Keys to Unlock Feminine Submission through Masculine Leadership: Part 1

1. Hold Space For Her Emotions

Being the owner of a sacred sexuality brand, I get A LOT of deeply personal emails, DMs, texts, and calls from women, and I’m here to tell you that there is a theme I’m picking up on. Every single one of those women feels emotionally neglected in her relationship. There’s an almost equal amount of women who hide a big part of who they are out of fear of not being accepted for who is presented. A woman is not one tone. She is a full spectrum of emotion. So, just as deep as her heart feels, it expresses just as profoundly. Often, the part of her that expresses deeply is hidden because of how people have responded to her in the past after speaking the depths of her heart.

A woman’s emotions are unpredictable, powerful, intimidating, scary, and a dark cloud of the unknown that rises inside her unwillingly and out of nowhere. Her emotions are the necessary negative poles needed to balance the positive poles of her deeply caring heart. They are gifts from the Divine Source of Creation, bringing something meaningful to the surface so that she can expand her wisdom, experience profound clarity, and express her loving, caring heart with proper boundaries.

When she decides to ignore, shame, or neglect these emotions by holding back her words, tears, and intensity, she smothers her sensual, orgasmic, and feminine energies. That shit does not feel good! Imagine if someone had a zit and decided to never bust it and let all the puss ooze out. It would grow infected, big, and painful, creating scars and insecurities. It would lower thier self-esteem, enthusiasm, and desire to get involved with life. Holding in her emotions is deeper than that, and it eats at her insides, causing havoc in her feminine reproductive organs, and creativity center. It’s such an intense energy, so strong it’s the only thing that powers manifestations into existence.

When a tender, loving woman expresses her raw emotions, her words, tone, and presentation may cause someone to get defensive, uncomfortable, scared, combative, or upset. She knows this, so she chooses to bring peace to the external situation while her internal situation is boiling. She hates confrontation, and she hates upsetting people she genuinely loves. She has seen how ugly things can get when she expresses the fullness of her emotions, and to prevent that chaos, she hides her true expression.

Suppose there is a safe space for her to reveal the confusing stream of energy causing her inner discomfort. In that case, she can move through those feelings and be more intimately connected with you instead of in her head trying to silence the obnoxious commentary fueled by her unprocessed emotions.

Here is how you hold space for her to break through the uneasy, scary storm of emotions.

Stand in your Divine Masculine energy of security, presence, and stability. This means allowing her to let it all out and express herself in whatever way it comes out without shifting your mood or energy or passing any judgment. You are not going to understand why it’s that deep to her, so do not try. You cannot see from the perspective of the moon as the sun. You are on two opposite ends of the hemisphere. Simply view her as a human being experiencing intense emotion about something deeply personal and empathize with her. Help her understand it’s ok to feel the way she’s feeling while empowering her to the truth of her Magnificence, support, beauty, importance, and love. Whatever it is, she needs to rise from the emotional rollercoaster after word-vomiting the contents of her heart and Soul.

Don’t ask a bunch of questions. She doesn’t have all the answers right now.
Don’t take anything as a personal attack. Instead, find ways to use her emotions' intimate depths for growth within your beliefs, thoughts, or actions.
Don’t try to fix anything about what she’s emotional about; just be there with open ears, compassion, and sincerity. Unless she’s asking for your help, then dive in wholeheartedly with her and brainstorm some genuine support.
Don’t get defensive, hostile, or upset. Instead, get curious, open, and vulnerable. It’s a moment that could turn into a chaotic argument or a deeply connected lovemaking session. Will you choose a choice that always results in the same action, or will you make a new choice to get a better result?
Don’t laugh at her or call her crazy because you think what she’s emotional about is minuscule or insignificant.

When you hold space for her raw, vulnerable emotions you allow a very important piece of her to be expressed and it is very healing. You are helping to remove unwanted energies from her body which would otherwise be eating away at her vitality.

Comment below what you think of part 1, and stay tuned for more ways to get the feminine to submit to the masculine. 



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