Orgasm Types

Orgasm Types

So much is possible within the orgasmic abundance of being a woman? My definition of orgasm is a state of elevated bliss achieved through pleasure, stillness, and transcendence. You can reach this state of being in many ways during intimacy, which also helps release your arousal and ejaculate fluids. Through proper field research with my orgasmic partner, I have provided the various types of orgasms a woman can have and how to tell if you’re having one. 


This refers to the urethral opening located right beneath the clitoris. But above the vaginal opening. When delicately stimulated, it causes uncontrollable pleasure. Licking across it or rubbing the tip of the penis against it causes the yoni to behave like a fire hydrant. It does not need much pressure, and it is effortless to stimulate. 

Mental/Brain Orgasm


When you hear sounds or words that cause sensory experiences, bringing sensational stimuli to your body, examples are poetry or ASMR. During intimacy, hearing your partner moan can cause a feeling of warmth and calm throughout your body. You feel blissful, and skin orgasms usually accompany it. These can also happen through focused thought toward pleasant thoughts. 


Nipple play causes orgasms because your nipples stimulate the same area of the brain your yoni does. So when pleasured properly (varies per person), you can reach orgasm through nipple stimulation only. You may release arousal fluids or just feel the euphoric sensations throughout your body. 



During sex, you may feel the urge to cry. Let it out. You are releasing the necessary pent-up energy that needs to come out, and it will feel amazing! It may become a hysterical cry, which will feel even more orgasmic. Your partner may get scared or nervous, but don’t let them stop loving on you. 


This orgasm causes you to break into uncontrollable laughter during or after intimacy.


This orgasm causes you to profess your love or agree to things you usually wouldn’t under different circumstances. 


The beginning of this orgasm causes the body to twitch uncontrollably. It feels as though a pinball is internally knocking against different parts of your body. If you breathe through this orgasm and focus on the pleasure, the sensation will arrive at a specific chakra for an extended period. 

The third eye can feel like a headache above your eyes

Crown chakra, you may receive downloads of information that spark creative action.

Throat chakra, you will notice weird sounds leaving your mouth uncontrollably during orgasm. Even if you try to silence yourself, it is difficult.

Heart chakra - I haven’t yet experienced it. Not enough research.

Solar Plexus - I haven’t yet experienced it. Not enough research.

Sacral Chakra can feel like your womb is blowing up like a balloon, and you may release a big gush of arousal fluids. 

Root chakra - I haven’t yet experienced it. Not enough research.

I probably haven’t experienced certain chakra-gasms due to the chakra being blocked. I am working on aligning my chakras daily. 



Whenever you get intense goosebumps, you are experiencing skin orgasms. When you are touched, or when someone whispers in your ear. 


Some may mistake Amrita as squirting or female ejaculation. However, Amrita is deeper, sweeter, and more profound. When you reach an elevated state of self-awareness and divinity, your body produces this divine nectar. It is believed to flow through our pituitary gland into the back of the throat, down the spine, and out of the body. This nectar is considered an immortal elixir that Gods dank, called Soma. When experienced, you reach Superconsciousness and get a dose of your Highest Self. 



Stimulation to the clitoris is the most common and preferred way to reach orgasm by many. It is important to wait until the clitoris has reached it’s peak size before moving to penetration to enhance overall pleasure. Note that the clitoris is not just the tiny (or large) bulb that peaks out of the clitoral hood. It extends down behind the labias as well. 


This orgasm can feel as though you are floating. You feel light-headed and airy, almost like you might pass out. It can feel very unpleasant, but breathing through it and focusing on the present moment will elevate the orgasm.



This orgasm causes you to have extreme cramping or abdominal contracting. Your initial response will be to get into a hunched fetal position to ease the discomfort. Have your partner give you some aftercare to help you through the pain, as it can get very uncomfortable.


When you experience Yin orgasms, your body completely surrenders. You can’t move, moan, or engage. Your body seems to have gone into orgasmic shock. It’s different than just laying there unimpressed. It’s more similar to jumping into freezing cold water, and instead of your body freaking out, it calms and surrenders to the cold. Allow your body to settle and submit to the intense orgasmic sensations of Yin. 


The forceful release of ejaculate, squirt, and arousal fluids all at once. Your juices are splashing everywhere, and you feel like you have superpowers. It’s an ego booster for both parties when this amount of wetness is involved. 



We should all be familiar with the G-Spot. It is located centimeters into the vaginal canal. It is part of the clitoral network, and you are pressing against the back of it. When this area is stimulated, it causes incredible orgasmic sensations and even the possible release of squriting!

Mega Orgasm

This orgasm happens when you have multiple orgasms, back-to-back. It causes psychedelic euphoria and a deep connection with your partner. It’s best achieved when you have endured adequate foreplay, and numerous areas have been stimulated simultaneously. Your partner must have great stamina to help you reach a mega orgasm. 


This orgasm is met through penetration. It’s located in the back of the vagina, right in front of the cervix. The A-spot refers to the anterior fornix erogenous zone. This is my favorite spot to cause me to squirt or gush instantly. When your partner hits it, he should feel a different sensation with the tip of his penis, especially if he’s familiar with the many crevices of your vagina. If he continues to poke at it, he is stimulating this erogenous zone, and you will be in bliss. 

Full Body 


This orgasm causes the body to experience spasms and tight clenching. You might even make a squealing noise. Your whole body experiences inner sensations. 


This orgasm happens while working out or doing some type of exercise. I can’t tell you what these feel like because I have never had one. But if you have, leave a comment below. 


When the tip of a penis strategically presses your cervix, you experience cervical orgasms. The sensation starts in your pelvis, rises to your abdomen, and swarms your entire body. Constant pressure helps build up female ejaculate fluid to be expelled. 


When you breathe through orgasms and allow them to fully manifest, you enable extended orgasms to happen. They last much longer than your average Big O. Helps you reach a higher Consciousness. 


Similar to a wet dream for men, instead during a dream-gasm, you wake up climaxing. Something happened in your dreams that caused your body to react in orgasm. 


Imagine experiencing more than one of these orgasm types at once. Yea, that’s what this is. 


If you still have yet to experienced any of these orgasms, it's time you head to our shop and purchase some SheOrgasms, take the Orgasmic Language quiz, and read more of our blog posts! 


  • Posted by Katina on

    Very often after the physical act of sex is over, I have these strong and powerful orgasms. If he attempts to touch me any further it sets me off. I find myself swatting his hands sway due to my body being overly sensitive. It feels like my whole vaginal canal is having contractions. I don’t release any fluids. It’s the most wonderful feeling ever.

    What category of orgasm does this fall under?

  • Posted by Kira on

    I don’t know what I had, but I was receiving anal sex, and I could not speak, I was just making sounds I had absolutely no control over, and my eyes were crying but I was in very little pain, I was shaking uncontrollably and it lasted like 30-45 seconds afterwards I felt so high and more at peace then I could explain. My eyes almost warmed up as though they were cumming too lol and I have never heard myself sound the way I did. What would that be?

  • Posted by Somebody on

    To alay a misconception – goosebumps are not “skin orgasms”, but part of ASMR. Whispering in the ear, ASMR. The tingles you get when you get a good scalp massage, ASMR. Same with any close personal attention.

    It’s all inter-connected, though. ASMR = trance = flow, and trance is needed for orgasm. Science confirmed.

    Also, despite not being a woman, I have had quite a few of the orgasms described here. Turns out it doesn’t matter which set of genitals you get, there’s a lot of different orgasms to experience either way.

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