A Man's Guide to a Woman's Orgasm! Part 3

A Man's Guide to a Woman's Orgasm! Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of A Man's Guide to a Woman's Orgasm! If you've made it this far you're doing life right! You feel deserving of more and you continuously seek information to help expand your knowledge. For that, I say "good Job, you're doing great."

Pay Attention

Pay attention to her body; it will tell you all you need to know. Sometimes women aren’t comfortable speaking up about their lack of complete satisfaction out of fear of bruising your ego or sounding overly critical. Learn to take criticism and seek ways to please your woman best. 

Another good thing to pay attention to is when she’s scooting backward; sometimes, it doesn’t just mean she’s running from the dick or tongue. Maybe it’s her trying to signal you to ease up without having to kill the mood with verbal criticism. Notice if she’s holding her breath, she may be uncomfortable. Reassure her in that moment by providing relaxing dialogue like, "I got you, baby."  

Notice when she is flirting and subtly asking for it. We want it just as bad as you sometimes but would much rather not be the aggressor, so take our subtle hints as a green light. Now of course, this goes for people in sacred partnerships that have already granted consent and respect one another. 

Apply pressure in other areas of her body. Suck on the nipples, squeeze on her love handles, kiss on her neck and inner thigh, suck her toes. Show attention to her entire body! Take note on areas her body tenses up, when she moans louder, and when she says "oouuu, right there."

If you aren't already, pay attention to her entire essence. Quality time and focused attention will give her the space and time needed to feel nurtured enough to drift into orgasm. When she feels seen and heard by you, it provides a blissful sensation beyond the body. Ask questions about things she's excited about, put your phone down, organically engage with each other.  

Simmer Your Ego Down

When too much of your ego shows up, toxic masculinity and toxic femininity are present. 

Here are some examples of toxic masculinity.

  • Needing to be right
  • Aggressiveness
  • Being cold and distant
  • Being overly judgmental or critical
  • Stuck in the mind and out of touch with emotions.
  • Defending yourself or attacking someone. 

Healthy masculinity consists of:

  • Being present and not distracted.
  • Being understanding and reasonable.
  • Committed and powerful.
  • Deep integrity and humbleness.
  • Focus and discipline
  • Supportive and encouraging
  • Grounded and of service
  • Honest and accountable.

Healthy masculinity goes for both parties. We must learn the dance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies within. 

She must feel safe with you to let her guard down; any form of toxic masculinity will keep her from fully opening up and trusting you. Without trust, there is no surrender. Without surrendering, there is no orgasm. 

Here are some examples of toxic femininity.

  • Being insecure 
  • Manipulative, controlling, and calculated
  • Stuck in victimhood - blaming others (government, time, society, parents, spouse, etc.)
  • Uncontrolled verbal or physical anger 
  • Constant seeking of external validation and attention from others.

Healthy femininity consists of:

  • Supportive and empathetic
  • Intuitive and trusting
  • Confident & secure
  • Respectful/healthy boundaries
  • Receptive to love and abundance
  • Creative 

Working on yourself is a turn-on. Admitting to your mistakes and learning from them is sexy. Listening to the problems that arise within your relationship is an opportunity for growth so that you don’t have to go through this every time. Each participating party must sit in isolation, replay the argument/disagreement/fight, figure out how they played a part, and brainstorm ways to act differently to get a better result next time.  

When you are in a conscious, sacred union, it’s essential to use your partner as a reflection to grow into a better version of yourself. Whatever frustrates or annoys you with them, take a moment to be self-aware of a time you have behaved similarly. This will allow you to be more empathetic and understanding instead of frustrated. Use these moments to learn and expand. 

Know that a woman’s critique is just us expecting you to be at the highest version of yourself, not your limited ego. So drop ego off at the door and just be present and stand in your Divinity and I promise her waters will flow for you endlessly.

 Satisfy Her Sexually 

Don’t make her perform; this is not a circus act, audition, or competition. Allow her to be pleased and satisfied by you while she lays back and relaxes. The more relaxed her body is, the more pleasure she has access to. Once she’s reached her peak of arousal, then you can get rough, wild, and kinky. It shocks her body if you start that way too soon, preventing her from experiencing pleasurable bliss. She may experience intermittent dryness due to not being fully aroused. Go slow and sensual and when you feel her vagina swell and get warmer, that’s the time for you to go hard. If you stick it in her and she doesn’t feel ready, remove your penis and apply your lubricated tongue. Never lick with a dry tongue.

I know you were hoping to get some direction on where to lick, kiss, or stroke her. However, the truth is all it takes is for you to provide her the safe space to be herself entirely and surrender into the orgasm. For you to be the man she deserves, you must learn how to remove the ego and find a belief system that keeps you righteously striving to be a better man. As you work on yourself, your desire to satisfy her will increase. This is the recipe, now just add your seasoning and make it yours. 

Happy Cumming! 


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