A Man's Guide To The Woman's Orgasm - Part 1

A Man's Guide To The Woman's Orgasm - Part 1

If you’re ready to make sure the woman you are intimate with is reaching orgasm, read up! I’m about to drop some jewels that others have failed to mention. These are essential components to giving a woman the most memorable sexual experience ever. 

Trying to research the tricks hasn’t worked because there are far too many women experiencing surface level lovin'. Conversations with homies have probably been a bit foggy because their ego lenses. I know it can be a never ending cycle if you’re just focusing on the external matter, the body. The trick is to discover her  world within. Where all of the magic resides, inside her Sacral center. Imagine that Sacral center is a blossoming flower and when the petals are open her Divine Nectar will flow.

In order for her flower to open, she must be affectionately handled with love, patience and appreciation. If her flower hasn't blossomed enough to release that Divine Nectar you haven't made her feel emotionally safe enough to be vulnerable. This sexual exchange is powerful and should be taken more serious. You are entering her portal of creation! HER PORTAL OF CREATION! That’s not just some pussy. Soon you will get to a level in your self work journey where you attract a partner that is on the same journey. When you truly begin to know your Soul Self and genuinely like who you are, you'll appreciate the reflection that comes along being disguised as your soulmate. If you don't like who you are or you don't know who you are you will continue to attract those type of people. Eventually you'll find someone you want to cherish enough to manifest through her portal of creation instead of looking to bust a nut from some pussy. 

Seriously though, It’s deeper than just pleasing her physically, don’t get me wrong, that’s important too. However, we are energetic beings, and we can feel vibes and energy more deeply than the stimulation we sense through these bodies we are renting. If you're not ready to show up coming from a place of love, don’t show up at all. You're playing with hearts that you know are broken. The lack of true connection and commitment comes from a global addiction to lust.

Lust is just external desires we crave because we are suffering internally, and those desires keep us momentarily distracted. That’s why every time after fulfilling your limited desire you’re back to feeling empty again and on the search for the next best feeling thing. Those things will never satisfy you on the deep level you deserve because those are not your soul's desires, those are your ego’s desires.

Your soul is here to experience unconditional love, expansive pleasure, harmonious unions, and infinite happiness. The way to get there is to start working on the anger, pain, or resentment you have inside and do the work to get past it. Just starting the journey will impact your life in the most rewarding ways. I promise. 

With all that being said, the same goes for women too. We have to be in this together. Sadly, we must look at one another as hurt children who are desperately seeking love in moments we want to yell, curse, disagree and fight. When we act out that way, we are behaving just like a child. Children blame others for the unfortunate circumstances of their life. When we take things personally we are essentially blaming ourselves, as a child would. The victim mindset will keep you in repetitive cycles making sure you never reach true Manhood. If you don’t figure out new actions, beliefs, and responses you remain stuck at a low frequency, unable to reach the heights of pleasure, success, happiness and power. 

When you get to a place where you know that everything that is happening in your life is because of you, you no longer behave or react the same way you once did. Take responsibility for your losses and take the credit for your wins. Haven’t you noticed that the same actions create the same results? Aren’t you ready for different results?  

If you've made it this far, you're ready to please your woman, and notice her begin to soften up around you. Notice her become more understanding and patient with you. When she is fully satisfied her cup is full. When her cup is full she will be able to pour into you more lovingly. 

Clear Your Mind

Show up to intimacy with no stress, no doubt, no complaints. 

Come aiming to please her. 

Focus your attention on her pleasure, body, beauty, and her divine essence. 

When you have chaotic, random chatter going on in your head, we feel it. So we get in our heads wondering if you’re enjoying it, amongst other thoughts. 

Reassuring us through moans, compliments or affirmations will help us feel more relaxed.

You can practice clearing your mind by meditating, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness practices, or engaging in an artistic activity.

Reassure Her


I hate the “why I gotta tell you; you should already know you beautiful” guy. Women need reassurance. It's just a healthy way to help keep her in alignment and not get creative with her mind, filling in the blanks you leave open. 

Don’t leave room for her to create stories, be upfront and honest because we can always sense when something is wrong. 

Let her know you find her attractive. 

Let her know that it feels good to you. 

Tell her she’s beautiful, sexy, looking good any chance you get. 

Tell her that she is enough for you and there is no other woman that gets your attention. Compliment her on her hair, nails, outfit, accessories, whatever it takes in order to bring her mind ease. 


Allow her the time to build up her sexual confidence through your compliments and gestures. Because if you leave room for her to feel undervalued, unloved, or under-appreciated, her desire for you will begin to decrease. 

Stay dating, flirting, and courting one another. 

She wants to feel like you can’t get enough of her Divine Feminine, and you’re so thirsty to drink her sweet nectar.

Reassurance takes practice, understanding and patience.

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

Happy Cumming and Namaste 


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