Reclaiming Feminine Power: From Vibrational Heaviness to Harmony

Reclaiming Feminine Power: From Vibrational Heaviness to Harmony

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there has been an alarming number of cases involving women with intimate feminine-related issues such as endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, ovarian cancer, irregular menstrual cycles, unbearable cramps, creativity blocks, anorgasmia, etc.

The energetic womb space of a woman is POWERFUL. She holds the keys to Creation. Life. Expansiveness. Infinity.

Gaining access to this power has been difficult because of the unconscious state of womanhood today. We (as a collective) are out of harmony with our feminine nature. We have been conditioned away from softness, ease, trust, love, and connection and have been forced into toxic masculinity of effort, logic, control, criticism, emotionlessness, aggression, inconsistency, and greed.

We’ve been told that our spiritual gifts are demonic, witchcraft, or delusional. We’ve been shamed for our powerful emotions and sexual expression. We’re taking care of households with no help. Women are overworked, overused, undervalued, and underappreciated. This creates stress in the body, which creates testosterone in your body. Testosterone is a masculine hormone that should be lower than our estrogen and progesterone production, but for many women our hormones are completely out of whack. 

The harmony is gone. We are no longer who we want to be. Instead, we are who we had to become to keep up with a demanding, masculine world. Usually, when something happens to us, we cut ourselves off from doing something or cut someone off. We change how we do something based on someone else's actions.

Subconsciously, to protect you from any future hurt, you block yourself from engaging in activities that ended in hurt in the past. Slowly, before you know it, you’re not doing anything anymore but hanging with yourself, watching TV, and be entertained by social media. No more going out, meeting new people, having new experiences, taking risks, learning new skills, taking up all the hobbies, falling in love and enjoying life. We feel like the risk is too high; someone’s going to act stupid, someone’s going to piss you off, someone’s going to judge you, someone’s going to give you a hard time about it, whatever, whatever. It’s a bit too familiar to just be like, "I’m just not that kind of person", "this is just how I am", "I don't care about that stuff." I bet if your circumstances were different you wouldn't mind having those things. You would end up loving those things, and feeling like yourself again.

But here's the truth: we are not just one kind of person. We are expansive, creative, loving, talented, funny, and complex beings meant to share the full spectrum of our feminine power with the world! You are all things, but based on your life experiences you have selected things that are safe, traditional, comfortable and the "norm". 

Unfortunately, most women have smothered the potential of their feminine power with Vibrational Heaviness in the womb space.

Stagnant energy is clinging to your most sacred area. Your sacral chakra houses the energy of your Sexuality, Emotions, Movement, Sensation, Desire, Need, and Pleasure. Your womb and yoni are directly linked to your root and sacral chakra (energy centers of your energy body).

So, what happens in the sacral and root energy centers will reflect in your physical body based on which organs are linked to that center. So, let’s explore how each part of the sacral plays a role in your life so you can discover the vibrational heaviness impacting your harmony: 


When you are carrying shame in your sexuality, expressing your sexual expression in a way that is either too expressive or too repressed, that energy is stagnant. Having reckless, wild, emotionless sex with anyone is just as vibrationally heavy as not doing it at all or disowning that area completely. If you have experienced sexual trauma, which every woman has, even though you may not deem something as trauma through your present perspective, the body considers it as trauma. If it was not a Divine act done toward the body, then the experience the body will have is traumatic. So that can be unwanted looks, inappropriate comments directed towards your body.

Your body deserves to be treated with tenderness, love, respect, and honor. If it was not, there is trauma that needs to be rubbed out of you with a few good intentional nuts. Or else it just keeps piling up, and piling up, waiting for the day you talk with your yoni, look at her, and give her pleasure. Waiting for you to take a chance on someone and do it for the experience, instead of the hope of getting married. Step out there, enjoy yourself, be safe and wise, and have a good time. You deserve to date, to orgasm, to try new toys, to feel sexy, to dress up, to slow dance, and whatever you need to connect with your sexuality and body again.


When your thoughts toward having or expressing emotions are shamed or negative and are not fostered with a compassionate understanding and released with clarity and love, the energy is still sitting within you, piling on top of your womb space. Crying about something or getting mad about it is not what I mean by feeling your emotions. To feel your feelings, you have to mentally visualize yourself experiencing the situation that brought the emotion and allowing the full expression of your feelings to arise. While it’s at its peak, do something to expel that energy from your body. If you’re mad, throw or hit something. If you’re sad, cry, scream, and yell about your feelings. Do it until you feel relieved. Then analyze it detached from emotion, which should be easier, as you just released much of it. Decipher what you needed underneath it all and how you could choose a better action next time to get a different result. Thank that experience for the lesson it taught you, and move on.


Most women need daily exercise through stretching, walking, or cardio so that the energy isn’t piling up and doesn’t even have any support to move throughout the body.


Most women have been mishandled and have learned to endure a lot and be ok with it. They are so strong, so it takes a lot to move them emotionally, let alone arouse them and get their senses heightened and sensitive. The lack of positive sensation keeps the energy in this area heavy because it’s not released through sensational experiences. Get out of your head and into your senses. Experience what you feel every moment from sight, touch, taste, sound, smell, sense.


Women have often been let down, and their desires are rarely met. They have to put other people’s desires before theirs. They are taking care of children or family members and running businesses or teams. Our desire is genuinely to be of help, but often, it’s at the expense of our desire.


Our needs are not met, period. No one is ensuring we eat, sleep, and keep a roof over our heads. It’s just something we’re winging every day. We are in constant hustle and bustle to get our needs met while still seeming to come up short. We are exhausted and yearning for someone to come, love us, care for us, and make things easy.


We are not experiencing pleasure; we are putting survival before pleasure by constantly thinking about what needs to be done or what you could be working on when trying to enjoy yourself. Or you don’t make time for it because there are other “important” things to get done. When we try to do something pleasurable, our mind gets in the way, and now it’s unenjoyable.

As you can see, every department of a woman’s sacral center is out of balance. This disharmony creates a vibrational heaviness. It determines the functioning of your feminine organs. It’s your body’s way of communicating with you. It’s a gift of guidance.

Let me break it down further so you can truly believe this gift.

Your DNA is made up of atoms, and those atoms are made of particles, which are made up of a substance known as Consciousness. Consciousness is the foundation of everything that is. Consciousness is energy.

When an out-of-balanced energy center creates your vibrational beat, the disharmonized intention/information is carried into the atoms in your body. The body now reacts to the new information given to it, which is expressed in your health, immune system, and vitality—the energy changes based on the frequency of your energetic expression (thoughts, emotions, beliefs). The further your thoughts and actions are from The Divine (love, honesty, unity, peace, trust, faith, etc.), the more out of harmony you will be. The more disharmony, the worse the physical illness will be.

The thoughts and beliefs you have now are creating the future version of you. Is there discipline, will, focus, determination, confidence, or vigor in your expression or is it fear, doubt, procrastination, worry, and anger?

So, where do you start?

First, discover where you are out of harmony within yourself. With our personalized Chakra Analysis Report, you can get a 10-15 page report (varies per reading) on which energy center you are out of harmony in, how it’s affecting your physical expression, and how to find balance in that area. It’s a priceless report for your healing journey and only a $55 investment toward your harmony.

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Orgasmically, Kay

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