25 Traits of a True Goddess

25 Traits of a True Goddess

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Before you continue reading, please cleanse all your preconceived beliefs, and open yourself up the another perspective of the truth.

It is important to recognize that our very essence is imprinted with the wisdom of generations that have walked this Earth before us. Imagine hundreds of thousands of years of ancestral liberation and suffering that traces back to the very first mother of your lineage. One day, you might be the ancestors that guides the trailblazing women yet to come. It's a beautiful cycle of maternal power that isn't respected in the depth it should be. 

Over 3000 years ago, our world bore witness to a different reality, one where matriarchy ruled the lands. Women delivered babies in the love and comfort of their homes with skilled midwives. Women were the healers of the community. Women were honored and worshipped as equal beings worthy of respect. They trusted their intuition; they fully expressed their raw emotions; they embraced the full expression of their desires and lived freely and joyfully. These women held a sacred understanding of their menstrual cycles and would even use their blood in sacred rituals. Women empowered and respected each other as blood sisters.

As history continued its chapters, a dark shadow fell upon these wise women. Thousands of them were accused of witchcraft, persecuted, and murdered, all because they dared to embrace their sexual and spiritual wisdom, gifts and desires.

I share this poignant backstory with you because it unveils a vital truth - the shift towards a patriarchal world caused women to forget their inner Goddess, the love in their heart, power in their energy, and beauty in their appearance. Men passed laws, made new religions, and abusively enforced rules that placed women into a servitude role, making them "less than". For years women played their roles of being supportive wives, dedicated mothers, punching bags, servants, sex symbols, and cum buckets. It's draining, and it generates a lot of despair.

There is this hollow void of misery deep within the feminine because no one respects and listens to her words,  and no one sees her depth, beauty, and importance. Energetically, women carry a fear around men because of what has been done historically, and on a mass level, we don't feel safe enough, loved enough, and admired enough, or respected enough to fully expose her raw, unfiltered, wild Self. She then becomes severely self-conscious monitoring their every word, action and thought, along with the words and actions of others. It's extremely draining and depletes our Life Force Energy, which is your sexual energy. The strongest force on the planet. 

So, we stay in our heads, hold back our words, and choose external peace instead of honoring ourselves and choosing to express the truth we actually feel. If the words are not expressed or the impulses are not acted on, these energies remain in your body, causing dis-ease. Then, women start developing feminine reproductive issues in their physical, spiritual, and cosmic womb space. Issues such as cysts, miscarriages, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, low libido, and vaginal dryness become alarmingly common. These conditions, rooted in biographical, ancestral, and collective trauma, were further compounded by sexual trauma, hormonal imbalances, and emotional scars.

these conditions are not punishments; they are whispers from our bodies, yearning to be cradled, loved, and supported through the tumultuous journey they've undertaken. It's time to forgive ourselves, to offer the respect we so inherently deserve, and to stand confidently in the roles we've chosen before descending into this earthly realm.

Let us transcend the confines of our minds and embrace the world through our senses. In the present moment, we shall discover the keys to unlock our bodies' innate ability to heal. It begins with feeling, for in the act of feeling, we grant our bodies permission to relax, surrender, and perform the miracles they were designed for, all in the name of pleasure.

I will live every day of my life helping to bring women out of the darkness of this patriarchal world induced Ego and into the lightness of the Universal Spirit.

I endured that long, challenging, dark, and scary journey from Ego to Goddess embodiment, and I'm here to tell you this is the Heaven we hope to enter. This is the freedom we are yearning to feel. This is the love we are begging for from others. This is the satisfaction that's experienced through indulging in comfort foods and decadent treats. This is MORE we search for through our sexual hunger.

The traits listed below is a foundation of who you are at your core, as a Goddess. The feminine face of God. The Cosmic Woman. The Sacred Feminine. She embodies...


1. Universal Love:

She possesses a caring and compassionate heart that extends love and warmth to both her loved ones and everyone she encounters. She genuinely cares for all of humanity, Mother Nature, and all living beings, demonstrating profound respect for animals, plants, her body, and her belongings. Free of judgment, mental commentary, or the need to be right or heard. There to hold space, be curious, and share perspectives. 

2. Magnetic Energy:

Her loving and friendly energy attracts opportunities, fosters genuine connections, invites abundance, and radiates surrendered love. Her presence is so alive that heads turn when she enters a room. Her abundant energy and joy stem from deep faith in the support of Mother Goddess, the Universe, and her Divine Team.

3. Patience and Understanding:

She exemplifies extreme patience, gracefully supporting others as they navigate their life journeys and express their ego-centered selves. She always sees others for their heart and from her heart while practicing discernment to maintain her boundaries and offer her support as needed.

4. Non-Possessive Love: She understands that nothing and no one truly belongs to her, embracing a love that flows freely without attachment.

5. Intuitive Insight:

She remains attuned to people's intentions, emotions, and needs through a profound connection to her intuition and Divine counsel.

6. Boundaries with Compassion:

She consciously establishes boundaries to protect her inner child, physical body, heart, energy, and mind while respecting the truths of others. Nothing is personal, and she never allows others to calibrate her energy down.

7. Authentic Transparency:

She is open about her past, thoughts, feelings, and desires, promoting genuine connection through vulnerability.

8. Visionary Perspective:

A true visionary, she envisions her and the collective's future with an imaginative, creative, and curious mind. Taking necessary, disciplined, and strategized steps to get there while simultaneously going with the flow and letting things come to her naturally without needing to effort, lie, cheat, or manipulate.

9. Childlike Wonder:

She maintains a childlike spirit throughout her day, embracing playfulness, presence, resilience, and a sense of wonder. When she falls down, she gets right back up and pays attention to what made her fall so that she doesn't fall again in the same way. 

10. Embracing Emotions:

She listens to and trusts her emotions, knowing that essential wisdom is received once she feels through the problematic emotion.

11. Tender and Affectionate:

Her tender and affectionate nature radiates love and safety because she feels secure within her body, home, and world.

12. Self-Improvement:

She does not waste energy competing or comparing herself with others; instead, she competes with herself, always striving to be better than she was yesterday. She compares to previous versions of herself to feel a sense of personal growth and development.

13. Contentment:

She finds peace and fulfillment in her present life, cherishing the journey as much as the destination, even when they don't align with her ultimate vision.

14. Balanced Energy:

She has an androgynous inner world, expressing and loving both the masculine and feminine qualities of her actions, behaviors, and thoughts, allowing her authentic self to be expressed externally in a harmonious, unique way. 

15. Poetic Expression:

Her words, walk, and authentic expression possess a poetic flow that captivates those around her.

16. Realistic Idealism:

While she maintains a realistic approach to the physical world, she holds an idealistic perspective about the spiritual and energetic realm, believing all problems can be solved and all people can reach their full potential. She has hope and faith!

17. Mystical Exploration:

She has a mystical way of thinking, looking beyond what is presented on the surface and exploring the energetic, spiritual properties and expressions of all things on Mother Earth, utilizing Earth's gifts and Universal laws for healing, expansion, and deeper connection.

18. Mindful Timing:

She manages her life intentionally, aligning with the rhythms of life's cycles, including her menstrual cycle, the moon, and planetary movements.

19. Self-Sufficient Independence:

She exudes confidence and independence due to her ability to manage a happy life on her own while simultaneously having the ability to receive, welcome, allow, and ask for the help of others.

20. Cooperative Spirit:

She embodies a cooperative spirit, readily sharing her wisdom, resources, and love and welcoming diverse and opposing perspectives and wisdom from others.

21. Fearless Risk-Taker:

She fearlessly takes risks, embraces mistakes, welcomes opposing critiques, tries new things, lets go when necessary, speaks up for herself, and perseveres. Fear doesn't deter her; she acts despite anxiety, nervousness, or discomfort while loving herself through it by expressing self-compassion and self-empowerment.

22. Liberation from Guilt:

She bears no guilt or shame for her actions, thoughts, or desires, embracing her authenticity without reservation.

23. Creative Excellence:

She expresses her creativity and constantly works toward developing her skills, aspiring to be the best in her chosen field.

24. Sensual Beauty:

A sensual feminine energy that exudes an innocent flirtation, confidence, ease, allure, and beauty. People either want to be her or be with her; she's captivating. 

25. Sacred Body Connection:

She maintains a sacred connection with her body, understanding it's the only one she'll have in this lifetime. She nurtures it with natural foods, stretches, time with nature, hydration, herbal remedies, and a commitment to not diluting her Divine essence with toxins created to keep her low and stuck in darkness. 


I hope you see pieces of yourself in this list and work toward being her every day. It all comes down to a choice; will you choose the action of your subconscious programming and continue to get the same frustrating, limiting results, Or will you choose to come from your Goddess state of being and receive a more abundant, warm, pleasant, and orgasmic result? The choice is yours.

Let me know in the comments how many of the 25 traits you have embodied.




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