10 Feelings That Lead To Orgasmic Bliss

10 Feelings That Lead To Orgasmic Bliss

Hello there you magical goddess. You landed here not by mistake but by the vibrational pull I seem to have on women who are seeking more out of their sexual experiences. You know deep inside that there is more there is to be felt during intimate encounters. I'm here to confirm that you are correct, there is more and there will always be more as you make it further along your healing journey or spiritual awakening.

There is a place you can reach during orgasm that is equivalent to the places you can reach during meditation. In order to reach the levels of orgasm that will bring you to the same transcendent bliss, there are certain feelings you must embody in order to arrive there. 

While laying wrapped in the arms of my significant, feeling grateful and satisfied; it dawned on me what a woman needs to feel within herself in order to reach this place of orgasmic bliss and transcendence with a partner. She must feel:

  • Loved

  • Safe

  • Connected

  • Chosen

  • Accepted

  • Relaxed

  • Happy

  • Feminine

  • Protected 

  • Beautiful

When you are exhibiting those feelings, your body is omitting certain frequencies. These frequencies allow you to dance with your Soul. While you’re dancing, the beautiful energy that is coming from your freedom can be used to create a life worth dancing for. While you’re dancing (orgasming) think of the beautiful things in life you want to manifest with the potent creating energy you are brewing up. The things you manifest during orgasm is equivalent to manifesting while being in the most meditative state.

So let’s journey through these feelings and how to tap into the essence of that feeling of them so that you can journey into an orgasm so orgasmic you’ll rethink life. Even if you have a hard time believing you can feel these feeling, tap into the feeling through picturing something else that already gives you that feeling and carry that feeling into the bedroom. Don't just take my word for it, do it for yourself as you read these feelings, and watch your mood change within seconds.

You Must Feel Loved

To tap into the essence of feeling loved by imagining the feeling of arriving at your grandma’s house and she welcomes you with a warm hug, a kiss on the forehead and your favorite cookies fresh from the oven. And of course you’re starving and you notice that grandma has some of her specialties cooked and already plated for you with a fresh glass of homemade tea. She nurtures you and makes sure you are feeling your best. She brings over you this feeling of being loved so purely by someone you have no option but to match that level of love in return. The love you feel while wrapped in the embrace of the Divine Mother is the love you should feel while engaging in sacred sex.

If you do not feel the essence of this kind of love from your partner, the transcendent orgasmic energies will likely not be generated. 

You Must Feel Safe

Imagine what it would feel like if you were guaranteed freedom from your abuser. Imagine the feeling you get when you know that person can no longer hurt you. The knowing that you are protected because you are being led by the grave of God. That deep exhale that happens when you finally feel safe and at ease just came over your entire being. Feel the way your guards drop and your body relaxes as you feel this safety. You no longer have to worry about being hurt, being taken advantage of, being lied to or mishandled. You are safe to be vulnerable and free again.

Do you feel completely safe with your partner? If you do not, your body can never relax enough in order to reach the heights of orgasmic bliss. 

You Must Feel Connected

Feeling connected feels like an electric charge that ignites throughout your entire body when two people meet. It’s almost like you’ve met before because the feelings are so strong so soon. This person is just a vibe to be around. Y'all truly enjoy each other's company, rather it be sexually or casually. Connected on a level you’ve never created with any other individual. A connection that teaches you how to be a better version of yourself. Have you found that connection with your partner? Does it feel divine? If it doesn’t, the level of orgasm reached will not be transcendent. Unless stimulants were used to heighten the experience. 

You Must Feel Chosen

Feeling chosen feels like being hand picked out of a crowd of a million equivalently amazing women. The feeling you get is shock, surprise, excitement, disbelief, amazement, cockiness, confidence, coolness, and special. “Wow, how can I be so lucky?” you think to yourself. That feeling of being chosen sends out energy that you are deserving of this feeling and that allows you to tap into higher realms of orgasm. Feeling special is good, that shows that you are humble and accepting, 

You Must Feel Accepted

Feeling accepted is to feel seen completely naked and exposed of all inner thoughts and feelings and still be loved despite what has been revealed. Imagine being completely accepted for your entire existence. The very essence of who you are is completely seen, deeply understood and still unconditionally loved. Imagine how you would act around someone who fully accepts you? You would walk confidently, share openly, and live freely.

When you are feeling accepted you are welcoming in the orgasmic energies to enter your body. 

You Must Feel Relaxed

The feeling of being relaxed feels like floating in the ocean with soft waves and clear sunset skies. You have given up control of your body and let the waters carry you wherever. You have removed focus on your thoughts and have focused on the beautiful soft clouds that float above you. You are in the most relaxed state all you can hear are the underwater sounds of mystery. If you are unable to get to this level of consciousness during sex, then the portals towards transcendence won’t open up to you. You can even try using relaxing practices like CBD or marijuana, a warm soothing bath, yoga, a glass of red wine, or meditate to help get you to a more relaxed state before engaging in sexual activity.. 

You Must Feel Happy

Feeling happy is embodying the feeling you get when all of your prayers have been answered and your dreams have come true. You feel so worry free, you feel blessed, you feel grateful, you feel deserving. You stare at your life in awe, in appreciation, in astonishment. “This is all for me?” you ask yourself. Yes, yes it is all for you! You made all of this happen because you are such an incredible woman. Your external beauty is a direct reflection of your inner beauty.

If this is not how you feel laying with your partner before sexual play, then get up and hang out some more and engage in stimulating foreplay whether that be conversation or touching. Get into a space where you feel grateful for your surroundings. Gratitude is such a powerful feeling, use it to your advantage. 

You Must Feel Feminine

Feeling feminine feels like the walk you have to take to the stage after winning the award for Goddess of the Year. You walk so elegantly and confidently up to the podium. You are showing so much grace and gratitude as you walk, waving and saying thank you to all that is standing in ovation. You feel like a Queen, deserving of such recognition. People are looking at you with admiration, they are so proud of you, they know you are deserving of this Goddess award by the way you’ve been presenting yourself. 

If you do not feel confident, and your partner is not treating you like the Goddess that you are then energetically you both may struggle to reach the depths of transcendent sex.

You Must Feel Protected

To feel protected is to imagine the feeling a baby cub feels when it is guarded by their big strong Papa Bear. The cub knows nothing can happen to it, no one can disrupt its peace or safety. You have no worries about what is happening externally in your present environment. Papa Bear is there to keep you safe by any means. Knowing someone is protecting you like that gives you a sense of security. Security must be felt in order to surrender. In order to surrender you must trust in your safety. Once that surrender unfolds you will enter the magic of transcendent sex. 

You Must Feel Beautiful

Feeling beautiful is the feeling you get when you are getting pampered and dressed for your big royal wedding day. You feel like you are the star of a romance novel, and everything is working out perfectly for you. You feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt. You stare in the mirror in complete awe of yourself. You know that the beauty you feel inside is being reflected right before you. Your beauty is finally being recognized externally, so it feels so good to hear all of the compliments and see the faces of people as they witness your divine feminine beauty. 

Even though you know you are the shit and your beauty is so divine, If your partner is not complimenting your feminine beauty and making you feel gorgeous then you won’t feel beautiful during your sacred intimate exchange. You will be caught in your head worrying about what you look like, what he thinks, limiting yourself because you might sound strange or look weird. A bunch of limiting thoughts keeping you from bliss. 

It is also important to realize that your partner is an important piece of the puzzle. Their ability to clear their mind and enter into your sacred canal with appreciation, respect and tenderness is important. They must desire to take care of their body but taking the proper herbs, drinking adequate water, and living a lifestyle that will build up their stamina to be able to give you an orgasm. Because it's not a quick process, you must allow time for your body to warm up, time for you to relax and open up completely and time for the sexual energy to build up to take you to orgasmic bliss. This makes your relationship a transcendent one. Being in a transcendent relationship is being with someone who you share pleasure, love, intimacy, and joy freely without blockages, trauma, karma or anything else getting in the way. You are able to deal with dilemmas and conflict with grace and objectivity and reflect on unfavorable outcomes to better your character and allow them the space to do the same. 

Once you are fully embodying the feeling of beauty, protection, love, connection, femininity, happiness, relaxation, acceptance, and safety you are opening up the doors to a new world for yourself. This world of cosmic bliss, is a place only few have access to. By feeling these feeling and taking your SheOrgasms supplements you will reach higher orgasmic levels. Practice and dedicate your mind to fully encompassing these feelings and allow yourself to expand into the cosmic, ever present Now. 

Happy Cumming!

According to the spiritual teacher Keith Sherwood, author of 'Sex & Transcendence; transcendent sex is the state of union or intimacy with Universal Consciousness, your Self, and your parter. In the transcendent state you can experience and share the universal benefits of pleasure, love, intimacy and joy without disruption or distraction.
The Universal Consciousness state is the state of knowing you are the creator of everything. It's allowing yourself to exist beyond time, space and reality. It is the state of trust and allowing. It is your connection to Source energy and the witnessing of Source energy. Source energy is the energy you feel being wrapped in God's embrace.   
To be in a state of orgasmic bliss means to endure the condition you are feeling within your energy field through the union of becoming one with your partner by being in your consciousness state and allowing the sexual energy to build up. Merging those two components and not allowing anything to interfere with this encounter allows you to become one with each other and create a concoction that will explode into a full body orgasm. By basking in the satisfaction of these sensations you must enjoy the entire process, the build up before, the intense energy during and after and make it last until you're experiencing multiple orgasms. 


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    Omg!!!! Everything that was just decided is what I’m feeling when I’m with my man. This explains why this past year why I have been having the best sex of my life.

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    Major Key 🔑: Limiting thoughts disrupt orgasmic bliss

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    My partner and I both are so into each other and it’s awesome. She makes me shoots cum to where I can make love/ fuck her for several hours and same with her I make her cum so much, we love tasting the mixture of our cum, we taste awesome 👍

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