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I will attempt to emphasize the concept of foreplay because there still seems to be a global lack of understanding in this department. After polling women, the number 1 thing they wished their partner did more of was to allow more time for foreplay, mental stimulation, affection, and reassurance. A woman desires to be warmed up and in a relaxed state before engaging in intercourse, and especially before penetration. The more aroused and excited she is, the warmer and juicier her canal will be upon entry. Forcing yourself inside of her too soon can be painful, uncomfortable, and an orgasmic distraction. Here are some popular examples of foreplay from the survey:

  • Eating together (especially a meal prepared by one of you.)
  • Having an organic flowing conversation.
  • Genuine laughter together.
  • Being playful together.
  • Being vulnerable and unguarded.
  • Lots of soft touches and sensual caressing.
  • Flirting throughout the day and while around each other.
  • Dancing together.
  • Holding each other.
  • Passionately kissing.
  • Intimate massages.
  • Showering or bathing together. (take turns washing each other.)
  • Going on a date.
  • Staring at each other.
  • Hugs you tight and long.
  • Ask questions about her life, be inquisitive.
  • Do something thoughtful that she didn't have to ask for.

Engage in foreplay for as long as needed. You'll know she's ready when her clit is engorged and peeking out the hood completely. Foreplay allows her the time to get in the mood and switch from whatever mode she's been in all day and into her sacred sexuality. When she can feel relaxed and calm her mind, she's ready to connect with you on a deeper level. The more turned on she is, the more satisfied you'll be. Foreplay doesn't always have to be physical. Get creative and help her reach orgasm.


Having a conversation can be a powerful form of intimacy; talk to us about YOU, laugh, and converse casually. Don't take anything too personal. Genuinely listen to each other and share experiences from your truth while listening to their truths curiously and empathetically. Just as you been through some shit, and have had some wild adventures, so has she. It's important to remember no one is trying to prove anything, no one is sending subliminal messages under their words, and no one is trying to come at you.

Sometimes, when we feel attacked, we listen with emotional ears instead of hearing from our hearts. When you're listening from your pain, it causes you to take things personally. Past experiences confuse us by making us believe that the familiar situational feeling is the same as when we felt this feeling before, so we subconsciously put our guard up. Don't allow words coming out of someone's mouth to change the way you feel inside. Listen to them as if they were listening to your favorite speaker. That way, you listen attentively. It detaches emotion from the conversation and allows you to have an honest, unfiltered dialogue straight from the spirit. When a woman feels like you take everything personally or flip out over everything, we bite our tongues because we don't want to make you upset. So that limits the conversation from being organic and in flow.

This information is important to the ladies too because an organic conversation is a two-way street. Let your guard down, and trust in love. It'sIt's ok to be vulnerable. He struggles fully opening up, maybe because you have as well. When you have your guard up, it only attracts others with the same guard. Be who you wish to receive, and you shall receive.

When a man can stand firm in his masculinity when we spiral out emotionally, it's sexy and admired. If you join us in our emotional wave, you've slid out of your masculinity and into our toxic feminine programming. Instead, reassure her and make her feel safe until she overcomes the emotional, chemical reaction within her body. Be the alpha man she seeks for clarity and comfort.


Prove that you love and care for her. Express your love in ways that show you actually listen to her that will show her that you know what she likes and that she's appreciated. Look at things she loves to do and randomly grab something thoughtful. It's the little things. Be sure to offer to take her trash out. Rub her feet. Ask her if she needs anything. Go fill her tank up. Anything! Just don't keep saying the words "I love you" with no action. If a woman doesn't have much to worry about, she will drift into orgasm more easily. That means help her take a load or two off of her plate, be helpful. Some men feel like women don't need reassurance because "they should already know," but there are forces beyond you that limit a woman from always knowing her divinity and magnificence. The masculine should want to be there to reassure her that she is beautiful, she's the only woman you want, she makes you happy, her sex keeps you satisfied, you respect her, you support her, etc.

Stay tuned for part 3! and Happy Cumming!


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    Major Key🔑: There is no play without Foreplay!

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