Healing benefits of sex

Healing Benefits of Sex

Written by Mickie Woods


I’m currently exiting a phase of absolute craziness in my life. I moved cities, founded a new business, ended a relationship, and started grad school all at the same time. Stress was an understatement, and sex was the thing I desperately craved. So I hit up my old fling for one last pow-wow before moving. It was just what I needed and after we had sex, I felt like a different person. So much weight was lifted off of me in that hot and heavy session and afterwards the only words I could muster were, “I needed that” and “Thank you."

Connecting with him was nice but what I was more concerned with was how light I felt afterwards. My brain chemistry felt completely re-wired and all the stress that had built up in my life seemed to vanish. I felt so brand new that I got to thinking: What are the stress-relieving, mind-altering, and healing benefits that come along with sex? What all does sex really do for us? The list I came up with was very long as I realized that sex truly is a healer, but here are 4 main healing roles that sex fills to provide physical and mental healing benefits to our well-beings and to our lives.


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Pleasure Inducer

The first and obvious benefit is that, simply put, sex just feels amazing. Have you ever asked yourself why ice cream is the one thing you crave the most after a breakup? It’s because your brain knows that the pleasure you’ll derive from eating it will temporarily override any breakup sadness. The same happens when we have sex! Dopamine is fired off to give you the natural high while oxytocin helps you feel more connected and at peace. This rapid fire of feel-good hormones can be so good for your mental health!


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Immunity Booster

Research shows that people who regularly have sex have higher amounts of antibodies defending their health against germs, viruses, and other intruders. Along with partnered sex, masturbation also has the power to make you less prone to illness. I don't know about you, but at a time like this, I’ll take all the antibodies I can get.


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Personal Trainer

As someone who hates exercising, I gladly supplement sex as a quick workout. Sex offers several perks to your physical well-being by increasing blood flow, burning calories, and even lowering blood pressure. Research found that sexual activity burns an average of five calories per minute. A quickie will only get your blood pumping for so long, but imagine how many calories are burned during an all-nighter! SheOrgasms supplements increases that blood flow even more and assists in providing the extra lubrication needed to go for rounds and rounds.


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Pain Reliever

Lastly, who needs Motrin when you’ve got sex? Sex doesn’t necessarily heal long-term or chronic pain, but it can provide short-term relief to minor aches and pains. Consider banging one out as a pain reliever next time you experience cramps, a headache, or any other strains related to stress on the body or mind.

Our sexualities are superpowers and orgasms are the secret weapon. I know that I can always count on a great orgasm to lift me when I’m down and relieve stress when I need it the most. And as a mood enhancer, sex helps you to feel good and better tackle whatever the day brings. Next time you’re feeling weighed down by the world, remember that there’s a cure for that — and it’s called sex.


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    This makes so much sense, I feel a lot more relieved after sex

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